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  1. Best place to get sights installed?

    I picked up some trijicon night sights for a S&W M&P shield and now I need to get them installed. Where is the best place in the Metro West area to get them installed? I'd really like to find a place that can do it while I wait. If I have to drive out of Metro West to find the best place, then...
  2. Fox25 -surprise! No freind of 2a

    Just caught the story they ran for the 10:30 news. Wow, could they be anymore obvious in their attempt to make the "million moms march" protest which only had 200 people look any bigger? Then they show some yahoo at the Marlboro gun show flashing a 10" inch barrel stainless revolver and then cut...
  3. Need to vent people commenting on NRA

    I've been following the NRA on twitter and the thing that is really pissing me off is that almost all the people who negatively comment on the NRA tweets are from other countries. WTF? Stay out of our politics! I've seen a couple posts where the negative commenters are from Canada and Australia...
  4. Gun ban survey on

    I don't know if this is a dupe but there is a poll on asking if you support an assault weapons ban. Seeing how we were able to help on the necn poll the other day, I think this one we should help out on too.
  5. Defensive knife training

    Anyone have any recommendations for a good course to take in or around central massachusetts?
  6. Where to get a brake welded/pinned

    I'm building my first ar and now I'm looking to find a place to weld/pin the brake. Does anyone have any first hand experiences with anyplace in central mass/ metro west area?
  7. Tapco t6 ar stock

    Does anyone have one of these on their ar? I'm looking at the best way to pin this stock. I was thinking of drilling and putting a roll pin in, but I'm wondering if there is a better way. I tried searching but couldn't locate any old posts on this stock. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Mossberg 935

    Can I get the pistol grip turkey stock and install on my mossberg 935 in Massachusetts? Since it is a semi-auto shotgun, can I have a pistol grip stock?
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