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  1. WTS PRICE DROP Smith .44mag and Kimber 1911

    Bump with final price drops.
  2. WTS PRICE DROP Smith .44mag and Kimber 1911

    Bump with price drops reflected above.
  3. WTS PRICE DROP Smith .44mag and Kimber 1911

    Description: Smith & Wesson 629-6 Deluxe .44mag. Has fired 20 rounds of .44 mag and 20 rounds of .44 special. Includes original case. $750. Kimber 1911 — Custom LW “Shadow Ghost”, .45 ACP. Fired 100 rounds. One magazine and original case. $530. (Scroll down for photo.) Location : Vermont...
  4. Driving through MA with rifle

    Wasn’t worth the risk. There should be an interstate compact that states that bolt action rifles, pump shotguns, and lever action rifles are always legal to possess if unloaded in the trunk of a car. People shouldn’t have to worry about driving/stopping etc.
  5. Driving through MA with rifle

    Picked up the passenger, returned into NY to get the firearm and drove back without re-entering MA. What a pain in the neck for no good reason.
  6. Driving through MA with rifle

    Yeah I understand about route options but I have to pick up a relative in MA on my way up.
  7. Driving through MA with rifle

    Do to my route home to Vermont, it would be preferable to drive through MA. I’ve been visiting a friend in NY doing some shooting and will gave a lever action long gun in my trunk. Is it legal to drive through MA? Also any source of information on this online?
  8. Any Vermont Gun Shop Worth a Quick Visit?

    Pinnacle in West Lebanon. Outstanding little shop with helpful staff.
  9. KSG owners, a question?

    If you empty the feed tubes and chambers, you can practice pumping it and observe how it requires just a bit of extra oomf to get the last 1/4 inch. That’s the key to smooth cycling.
  10. Any Vermont Gun Shop Worth a Quick Visit?

    I concur with the recommendations of Powderhorn and Parro’s. Powderhorn has a nice selection and great prices, probably the largest AR selection in the state; bring cash to avoid fee. Parro’s is great, with the pistols displayed on open tables like iPad at an Apple Store so you can pick anything...
  11. New Folks Check In and Say Hi #4

    Welcome! What do you like to shoot?
  12. New Folks Check In and Say Hi #4

    Hello @NH Lever Gunner , welcome. I’m a lever gun fan, too, and in the Lebanon/Hanover area, are you anywhere nearby?
  13. Starter .22 for practical rimfire

    I’d like to hear recommendations for what kind of .22 rifle for practical rimfire competitions like the Green Mountain one. The event description says targets from 75 to 300 yards. Is this kind of competition mostly for bolt action or do people also shoot 10/22 style rifles? What power scope is...
  14. New Folks Check In and Say Hi #4

  15. [CANCELED] West Lebanon Gun Show on Feb 19-20, 2022

    Pinnacle. Very nice inventory and super friendly and knowledgeable staff. Actually a stone’s throw from the Fireside.
  16. FFP reticle help

    Vortex Diamondback Tactical 6-24x50 is under $400 on Amazon; I have one and love it. There is also a Vortex Venom FFP that may meet your needs, under $500 on Amazon. I’d also look at Primary Arms FFP scopes.
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