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  1. Sons Of Guns...back on Discovery Channel

    Great Show! I just think that it's kinda funny now that all the Gun Contol Hysteria/Hoopla died down Discovery Channel is showing this now.
  2. Now that the Gun Control Initiatives are dead-in-the-water on the National Level...

    Will the State proposed action/bills pretty much die on the vine without any National support? ?
  3. Newtown Parents being wheeled out on cue on 60 Minutes on Sunday...

    Newtown parents and family vow lifelong mission - CBS News Gee...I guess they're over their grief enough to be on TV huh? Just another Liberal Media attempt to stir things up again...the friggin Lib/Dems are RELENTLESS and have NO SHAME! [pot]

    This is getting comical. It's like a contest to see which state can claim the 'Toughest In The Nation" gun-control laws. First NY...then CT Is the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts next???
  5. Marines Travelling for Easter...told NOT to wear their uniforms?!?

    My Son is an Active Dury Marine serving at Camp travelling home today for Easter...his command specifically informed the men NOT to wear their uniforms because it could cause possible confrontations and them being singled out advertising themselves as United States Marines. THAT IS...
  6. Media releases Newtown whack-job report...Obama grandstands with grieving mothers

    Coincidence??? I think not! Doesn't this asshat have BETTER THINGS TO DO!
  7. Simple Jack had a GUN SAFE?!?

    WTF?!? Documents say Sandy Hook shooter had his own gun safe -
  8. No Ammo for COPS?!?

    Very...VERY Interesting... Police Departments Beg And Barter For Ammo While DHS Buys Up 1.6 Billion Rounds In Past Year | CNS News
  9. More LibTard Psycho-Babble...

    You gotta be kidding me! Florida bill would require anger management courses for bullet buyers | Fox News
  10. CLASSIC example of Imperial Presidency!!!

    High-flying Holder: Report shows AG, FBI director used luxury jets for personal travel | Fox News So sick and tired of this Kenyan pile of goatshit AND his Lib/Dem Cronies!
  11. Linsky Gun Bill NY

    Bill in NY Would Require All Gun Owners to Maintain $1 Million Liability Insurance Policy# So basically you would have to buy insurance to exercise your 2nd Amendment right. How much would these Libtards charge for somebody to exercise their 1st Amendment right? I ****ing hate what's going on...
  12. Northeast Trading Co (Ted O. in N.Attleboro), can anybody recommend?

    Planning to stop in to look at some ammo (5.56, 9mm, .22LR) Can anybody vouch for Ted up there? Are his prices good...or is he gouging people? Any advices would be nice. Thanks!
  13. Wish they had one of these little boxes last night...

    Thalaron Radiation - YouTube Romulan Senate assassinated with Thaleron Radiation!
  14. Angle Tree Rod & GC (N.Attleboro) - 5rnd Mag Limit (WTF?!?)

    Hi Folks, Checked out joining this GC b/c it's about 1min from my house in NA. Attended their "Orientation" session...HUGE turnout BTW...30+ people there! Anyway, as they prattled off their House which drew some glances to one another in attendance was that they "Strictly Enforce a...
  15. Ted Nugent v. Piss Morgan..."Leave us the hell alone!"

    Nugent to Morgan: 'Leave us alone' - YouTube
  16. AWB Rejected by none other than...

    Harry Reid and Patrick Leahy! BIG Win Today! Senate Judiciary chair rejects Dianne Feinstein?s assault weapons ban | Politics Blog | an blog [smile]
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