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  1. SOLD Sold. Zev z19 oz9c Citadel

    For sale is a zev with citadel 19 slide - Zev citadel slide 19 length rmr optic cut - Zev internals - basic front and rear irons (non Zev) - amazon novelty rmr optic fine for plinking adding at no cost with deal - Zev flat trigger - Zev full-size grip - 3x10 magpul mags $1100 special Black...
  2. SOLD Sold. Zev Competition (G34) 9mm & option for Trijicon upgrade for only $100

    For sale is a Zev OZ9c in a Glock 34 length barrel. Zev comes upgraded out of the box. Modular receiver and with the extra weight of the full steel receiver it really does a nice job of shooting extremely fast and flat. The optic cut is very low so dot acquisition is what makes them famous for...
  3. WTB Dan Wesson tcp 9mm

    WTB Dan Wesson tcp 9mm pls send pix and price
  4. WTS Lowered $, 11/10. Mpx sig gen 2 9mm

    Sig mpx gen 2 with mlok rail and compensator from sig. bought from mass firearms academy so it’s mass complaint. suppppper flat shooter with a hiperfire trigger. It’s been great but just don’t shoot pcc anymore. i have the original sig box and everything it came with. south shore. Goose...
  5. WTS Sold

    Hi there selling a used Trijicon 2.5 moa I think I bought less than a year ago or maybe even earlier this year. I am the original owner and have the original box and screws that came from it. $510 cash 02190 or 02767 in the lowes parking lot goose rules
  6. WTT Added trade options Trp operator 9mm or sa professional with rail for mpx

    id like to trade my mpx gen 2 mlok w hiperfire trigger for a sa trp operator 9mm or sa prof Half rail
  7. WTS Delete

  8. WTB .

    Hi there would like to buy a hi point box Yes a hipoint empty box Pls send pix and price thanks
  9. WTS 7/3 lowered. M4 field stock and M2 carbon-like competition tube with spring

    Selling parts for a benelli shotgun M4 field stock $150. Like new. M2 carbon fiber-like competition tube with spring don’t remember count but it was a tad past a 24” m2 when I had the shotgun before moving to MA $100. Used in a few matches. Both for $200
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  11. Pcc 😂 in idpa

    Hi I see some people run pcc for idpa. Is it 30 rounds as Div capacity? Can you run a mag with an extender as long as only 30 rounder are loaded? Can you run primary dot and offset? Also laser and light is ok? Seems too easy not having to reload. Magwell ok for idpa? Muzzle break? Thanks!
  12. WTS 11/12 price reduced . Rare magazines scar16/fs2000 & mp5

    Hi there Pretty rare magazines Scar16 if your lucky enough to have one or a tuna fn ts2000 here are the mags in this lovely state, I used 1 Mag for a range session or two $100 for 3 Gsg mp5 22lr - 10 rounders, impossible to find, $250 for all 8. 7 new 1 used.
  13. Aiming for zero 2022?

    Hi just want to make sure I didn’t misread but is there a mag cap of 10 Rounds max even for open divisions? I thought last year it wasn’t capped for mags and was more uspsa. Just curious.
  14. WTB ….

    Hi there wtb a cz rami 2075 9mm
  15. WTB ….

    South shore area pls email what you have.
  16. WTS Delete

  17. Delete

    Hi there just curious if anyone runs an aftermarket trigger in their mpx gen 2. If so can you share how you like it and specific model of the trigger? I have a hiperfire in my mcx and love it. Would be looking for something similar. thanks!
  18. WTS Delete

  19. WTB Delete

    Pls send price if you have an extra one
  20. WTS Sold delete

    Hi there selling my sig fcu black like new. Trigger feels just like my x5 legion. Still a receiver and will transfer as such. South shore goose rules apply $old $40 at my ffl cash ill pay the transfer and free box of 9mm Not looking for trades at the moment. 9/40/357sig compatible. All...
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