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  1. Tippman Arms M4 .22

    Anyone on here own one? Looking for the cons on them. Interwebs is full of sponsored reviews and tend to be one sided. Theres a monthly rimfire-only walls of steel type shoot down here so it'd be used for that.
  2. Load Tester/ Unloader

    Have to be careful of how these things are titled Keeps the vultures and flippers away for the most part. This seems to be the one sub forum with the least amount of dinks in it. Freebie- Used. 1- 6 plate rack Plates are 8" round 3/8" a.r. Legs and splatter shield are there, disassembles for...
  3. .38 spl cut down

    Anyone here ever play around with this? Cut down .38 spl to long or short colt and use it out of something chambered for .357? Was the free bore too much for it? Whats the heaviest gr weight head used? Books are all locked up in the Pod and wikipedia helps with case dimensions but thats it...
  4. Holbrook .22 shoots- dates

    Copy and paste from an e-mail I got The following are the dates for the Egg shoots at Holbrook Sportsmens Club for the 2021 season. 4/24/2021 100 yards, Steel Eggs 5/22/2021 100 yards, Pops, Eggs & Dumb Dumbs 6/26/2021 100 yards, Steel Eggs 7/24/2021 50 yard Benchrest targets 8/28/2021...
  5. M+M M10X Rifles

    Anyone on here play around with these rifles? Thoughts/ pros/cons opinions if you have one? Really nothing I can find outside of paid or sponsored reviews
  6. Frankford Arsenal 10 Station Press

    Interesting concept. Horrible timing.
  7. Field Jackets

    Still have your original issue? This is the last one I have, the spare, the non-inspection one, and its followed me around since the 90’s. I wish I had smuggled out liberated a Goretex, but they wanted that one back. Show me what ya got!
  8. V.A. Jobs

    Not necessarily at the V.A., but- Had to go to the e-benefits page to update some info for a C.O.E., clicked on the employment center tab and went down that rabbit hole. Has anyone used it with any success? Not for the medical field, but I discovered it linked .fed jobs and some other stuff...
  9. More freebies

    Found these tucked away in the garage. Yours if you want em West Bridgewater. In and out all weekend and off next week. Moving so get em before tuesday.
  10. New S.a.a.m.i. stuff

    Thought this was an interesting read, popped up this morning- Kinda like U.S.P.S.A/ I.D.P.A/ production or Nascar rules. Put it in production before its...
  11. Primatic Karmocity

    Or, Primer Karma for everyone else. I have 6 sleeves out of a brick (600 for you "correct" types) of Win Sm Pistol Mag primers. I'm not going to pack them up and then run the risk of them getting all over the inside of the bin. Times are tough, so its NEED vs WANT And the internet is a very...
  12. .224 Valkyrie

    Started looking into this for a later build. Poking around online at reloading data and tables. Anyone here play around with this cartridge at all?
  13. Holbrook-Egg shoot- 10/24

    Copy and paste of an e-mail I'm pretty sure its just show up and shoot Mikes e-mail is [email protected] if you have any questions. All, The next Holbrook Egg Shoot is Saturday 10/24/2020, start time will be 12:30, registration will start at 11:00, targets will be 10 steel eggs @ 100 yards...
  14. Holbrook .22lr egg shoot

    Got this in an e-mail. Its a copy and paste E-mail- [email protected] for more info. All, The next Holbrook Egg Shoot is Saturday 08-22-2020, start time will be 12:30, registration will start at 11:00, targets will be steel eggs @ 100 yards. Shooting will be done from a seated bench...
  15. Freebie- Die set

    Cleaning out. Zero interest in trades or selling. If you want it, its yours, just drive to me. I'm not shipping because I'm a cheap ass and I just dropped $30 on sending my brother in law a bunch of reloading stuff. Lee 3 die in .223. At some point I bought either a single or two die set for...
  16. Cylinder Throat Reamer

    Haven't measured yet, but 625's are famous for having different sized throats. And we all know or at least have a pretty good idea how that works with lead. Outside of Brownells or Midway, is there a specific place anyone's used for buying these? Found a place online that rents them, but with...
  17. 625 .45 ACP "Pin Hammers"

    Anyone on here, have experience with anything heavier than 230 gr in .45 acp? Or Auto rim, can't forget that. I can find load data and probably read about them elsewhere, but wanted to know if there was a braintrust on this here. Looking at 250-260 grs. 255 seems to be the popular one...
  18. More free tables/ benches

    More freebies- Pick-up only in Easton Ma. First come/ first server in order of p.m.
  19. MIL buyback

    Mornin Has anyone gone through this with the state of Ma? What was the start to finish time? Submitted all my stuff in Jan, sent an e-mail for a status update middle of March. Assuming its dragging out due to the panic-demic, was curious what the wait time was before all this was.
  20. Another bench

    Let me know if you want it. Freebie. Metal frame, hardwood top. Its about that big. Pick up in So. Easton Ma
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