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  1. 2007 Starcraft Centennial Popup camper

    I just posted this on craigslist but thought I would throw it up year also.
  2. Yard Sale Sunday 10/2 9am-1pm

    We are having a yard sale Sunday 10/2 9am to 1pm and I am digging through hunting supplies, gun parts, holsters etc to add to the regular items. Location is Rich Road in west Woburn. It's a small street, easy to find on google maps and we'll have signs out on the main street (Russell) to...
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    Sold Please delete
  5. 2000 CCI Large Pistol Primers

    2 boxes of 1000 CCI Large Pistol Primers. CCI #300 $200 $180 for the 2 boxes. Face to face in or near Woburn. All state and federal laws followed.
  6. Sold please delete

  7. Sold please delete

  8. CZ82 and 450 rounds of 9mm Makarov ammo

  9. Ballister Molina WWII 45.ACP

    Ballister Molina .45 ACP. It is modeled after the 1911 and extremely similar without the grip safety. Cool piece of history, from the research I have done, the Ejército Argentino marking apparently means it was for the Argentine Army. It may also have been carried by the German police during...
  10. 1911 front sight staking

    Does anyone know of a gun smith near Woburn that can stake the front sight post on a Colt 1911a1? I bought the sight and watch the video about staking it. The tool is about $70 and I have never done it before so I thought I'd see what it would cost for a gunsmith to do it. I checked with a...
  11. 500 XM855 Green Tip 5.56 and 500 American Eagle .223

    500 rounds of XM855 5.56 ammo in one of the smaller plastic ammo cans. All on stripper clips. The American Eagle .223 is in a brand new unopened box. $275 for 500 XM855 green tips - includes the plastic ammo can $250 for 500 Federal American Eagle .223 Face to face in Woburn or within a short...
  12. Remington 870 express ejector replacement

    So, the ejrctor broke on my 30+ year old 870 express. I have seen the videos on replacing the ejector and/or the ejector spring. I know they are riveted directly into the receiver but was planning to do the work myself anyway. I can find the rivets and the tool set from Brownells for staking...
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    Sold please delete
  14. SOLD Please Delete

    SOLD Please Delete
  15. Trade CCI Large pistol primers for small?

    I found myself with an an abundance of CCI large pistol primers and am running low on small pistol primers. If anyone want's to make a trade for 2000 or 3000 primers let me know.
  16. Sold please delete

    Sold please delete
  17. Whacked a couple last night

    Took out 2 mature does and then screwed up and shot just under the chest on the 6 point chasing after them. Some good eats and a crazy last 15 mins of light!!
  18. First MA buck if the year

    Certainly not a big one but he gave me way too many chances and i couldn’t stop myself. 25 yards, double lung and he went about 75 yards before piling up. 6pt and my scale showed 105# dressed. He had a decent body, i thought it would be a little more but thats what the scale said. Shot him...
  19. Federal American Eagle .223 on stripper clips - 900 rounds

    An unopened case of Federal American Eagle .223 on stripper clips. 900 round case. $500 $450 for the case. Face to face in or near Woburn. All MA laws followed, must have a valid LTC. IM me here if interested.
  20. Griffin Armament M4SD Linear Comp

    I bought this for my Tavor but ended up keeping the break it came with so I have no use for this anymore. Was on the gun for 1 or 2 mags and then took it off. The linear is nice for not blowing your neighbors stuff off their shooting bench with a short rifle like the Tavor. Good Comp, I am...
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