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  1. 3D Printed Obsidian, Octane/Omega Wrenches

    Anyone need or want a 3D printed takedown wrench for their Rugged Obsidian or SiCo Octane/Omega? These work on both the 9 and 45 cans. These are not my models, I grabbed them of Thingiverse. I may have more models in the future. I have not modeled in years and am refreshing myself. I'll print...
  2. OpticsPlanet Pricing - Desktop vs Mobile

    Before placing an order at optics planet check your mobile device for a a better price. Heres one item that I purchased that was 20% cheaper on mobile.
  3. NFA Fingerprint cards

    Is your local PD office the only place to get your prints done for forms 1/4s? Im in Nashua where they take dont take appts and charge 25 bucks per card. I guess im fine with the 25/per card but it seems 50% of the time I stop in there isnt anyone available to take my prints. Is my best option...
  4. Anyone take advantage of Silencerco's BOGO?

    What did you get? Summer Kickoff Promotion - SilencerCo
  5. Need Suggestions 7.62 Suppressor

    Which 7.62 suppressor would you guys suggest? I'd like the run 5.56 out of so I'd like to be able to swap end caps. Also, I'd like the keep the length <7 inches. Im thinking deadair deadman S. Any others to consider?
  6. 50% off Granite State Indoor Range

    A couple left as of 0640. I think these are offered regularly
  7. AMAZON 2/22/17 ONLY

    We are excited to report that for the second straight year, customers ranked Amazon #1 in the annual Harris Poll on corporate reputation. Harris surveys more than 23,000 people across six corporate reputation dimensions: Social Responsibility, Emotional Appeal, Products and Services, Vision and...
  8. I hope this goes somewhere
  9. Need to Re engrave

    I am moving to NH in december and have 2 form 1's in progress ( AR lower and MP5 clone) which were submitted back in march and may. Back in early july, I had them engraved XYZ Trust, Lowell, MA. The women at the ATF who is updating my applications says my forms will be approved in NH and the...
  10. Larry Keane - Police revoking licenses for pre 7/20 purchases

    anyone have info on this? sorry if dupe
  11. Chelmsford/Lowell carpool to Statehouse

    anyone want to carpool? meet at drumhill PM me i can take 3 comfortably, squeeze in 4
  12. Police Warning - Don't battle these guys

    Be on the lookout and don't get served
  13. BCM Lower Parts Kit

    Has anyone got to try BCMs LPK yet? Are they anything special? They're OOS everywhere
  14. Model 6920 or M4 Carbine

    I picked up a 6920 lower off gunbroker and am considering Form 1'ing it. The seller tells me it came off a 6920, the SN is LEXXXXXX. My question is what model would I put down if I choose to Form 1 the lower? The lower is marked as M4 Carbine, not 6920.
  15. Aimpoint Pro

    Does anyone in the Nashua area have an Aimpoint Pro I could view? I have astigmatism and would like to see how the dot looks before making the purchase online. The dot on my H-1 looks crisp and hope for the same on the PRO.
  16. Any idea what this is?

    Found this in one of my uncles parts pin. Neither of us know what it is but was in with other shotgun parts.
  17. G2S Trigger and LPK Deal

    182 Shipped or 155 shipped for the trigger alone
  18. TacTV working miniature guns this is part 4 where Larry Vickers actually fires the guns. Parts 1-3 for history and manufacturing. Sorry if dupe, I promise I checked.
  19. Police Trade In Mossberg 590A1 $256 AGS Armament
  20. Do I have a headspace problem?

    My upper is a 308 mega barrel with an aero precision bcg. I got a hold of some gauges this morning and found the bolt closed on the nogo gauge. It took some force to get it closed but it felt the same amount was needed to close on the go gauge. Next I repeated with the extractor removed. The...
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