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  1. Unsafe Range

    Looks like green screen to me.
  2. S&W Victory .22lr pistol

    I love my SW22. I shot the Ruger Mark III and a Browning Buck Mark too. All great target shooters. Any of them will satisfy my target hole punching needs. SW22 the least expensive and modifiable of them all.
  3. Shooters Outpost - Hooksett, NH

    Shooters is only 20 minutes from my house, so it fits into my LGS radius. Been happy with all my purchases from there. No affiliation with them or any other LGS I regularly shop at. No complaints. 99% of the time I know what I'm looking for and have done my own research before I set foot into...
  4. Fellow Masonic Brothers.

  5. Fellow Masonic Brothers.

    I'm thinking that MM = Master Mason
  6. Fellow Masonic Brothers.

    Those are nice. Those of us up here in NH will just have to keep doing it the old fashioned way.
  7. Talon grip opinions?

    Talon Rubber for the WIN! I have them on my M&P 9mm Shield PC. Very happy with this. I was very careful on the prep and used a hair dryer to warm them up to set the adhesive as the instructions suggest. Working great for me.
  8. Good Gun Stores around Manchester

    I've bought from Riley's, Shooter's and Chester Arms. All within 30 minutes from me and each other. All easy transactions. Prices were very fair using, Gallery of Guns and Gun broker as comparison. Riley's and Shooters both asked If I was from Mass. before going any further when I...
  9. Favorite Firearms-Related YouTube Channels?

    hicock45, sootch00, Iraqveteran8888, 22plinkster, & are my favorites. Though hicock45 and IV8888 can go a little too long for me at times. Kirsten Joy Weiss is fun. One time US Olympic shooter. An amazing shot. Crazy good and accurate shooter. Intelligent and drop dead gorgeous and...
  10. EDC What's your go to ?

    S&W M&P 9mm Shield Performance Center.
  11. NH (resident) P/R License submit to receive times

    Epping Was told on drop off that It would take 2 weeks. Dropped off on a Friday. Picked up the following Tuesday AM. Minus the weekend when they don't deal with these things I guess you could call it 3 workday turnaround. Still not sure why I was told 2 weeks up front though?
  12. Next gun suggestions?

    #1 & 2 you already have covered fairly well with the guns you have I think. So reading into #3 & 4 I would look at .22lr handguns and rifles. This is a good size to get your family involved in shooting. Good size for basic training skills and ammo is fairly inexpensive and looks to go even...
  13. Top 10 Health Benefits of Going To a Shooting Range

    Hey I've lost 20 pounds since joining my gun club and going to the range. It's 20 pounds of lead, but I'm counting it.
  14. I Just got this for the 12 year old grandson

    Nice. [grin]
  15. New Acquisitions for December 2016

    Merry Christmas to me. [rockon] I just picked this up yesterday from a local FFL. I've wanted it for a long time, but was going to wait until spring 2017. But after finding a sale listed on I couldn't resist the temptation. A $100 cheaper than anywhere else local or online. And...
  16. What's on your Firearms Christmas List?

    Picked up my Christmas Gift to myself from the FFL this AM. S&W M&P9 Performance Center Ported. With extra threaded barrel and optics ready.
  17. Do you get DELAYED ?

    Out of my last 6 purchases, I've never gotten a Delayed response. I have had to wait an extended amount of time for them to get to Proceed. Usually it was a system problem. One of the dealers uses the online system. 1 time it was busy so I waited for @30 minutes. Another time it went right thru...
  18. What's on your Firearms Christmas List?

    The threaded barrel works out to only @ $30 added. Replacement threaded barrels are @ $200+ all by themselves. My gun club is already pushing for suppressors now. When/if the HPA goes thru, as long as the prices on them drop, I think they will make them required. Or that's the gut feeling I get...
  19. What's on your Firearms Christmas List?

    Sometimes ya just have to say..."aw, screw it". Merry Christmas too me! I just found a S&W Full Size M&P Performance Center 9mm on sale on slickguns at for $659.99 shipped to my FFL. Model 10267. Ships with 2 barrels. 1 non thread ported and 1 non ported threaded and 2 17+1...
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