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  1. WTS WTB Remington M24 SWS Collectors Edition

    Looking for a Remington M24 SWS Collectors Edition. If you have one and want to sell, hit me up!
  2. FN FAL and FNC

    Looking for FN FAL (50.01 or 50.63) and/or FNC Paratrooper.
  3. Sig P226 NSW or E26-9-NAVY (no rail)

    Looking for a nice new P226 NSW and/or E26-9-NAVY for for the collection. If you have one stinking up your safe, let me know how much you would part with it for. Be gentle, Thanks! 😘
  4. WTB: S&W Model 43C

    Looking to buy a Smith and Wesson Model 43C, Airweight J-Frame chambered 22LR Located in Metro Boston, willing to drive whereever. Thanks!
  5. WTB Gen 1 STI 2011 9/38 mags or tubes

    Looking for STI Gen 1 2011 9/38 regular/extra regular capacity mags or tubes. 126/140/170mm
  6. 2011 9mm Preban Mags?

    Do they exist? I am about to pull the trigger on a custom double stack 9mm 2011 and wondering what the options are. I seem to recall someone around a USPSA match this spring talking about prebans. I dont know if this was refering to 45's and/or 9's
  7. Active Shooter in Las Vegas

    Details unclear from major news sources. Someone opened fire at/or near a concert near the Mandalay Bay. One suspect was down. Several deaths an many injured reported so far. Gun fire sounds automatic in 40-60 shot bursts. Not good.
  8. Local gunsmith to chop a 16" AR Barrel to 14.5 and pin.

    So I have a 1992 Colt preban AR that I bought with new upper and a bushmaster CHF 16" carbine barrel that I have been turning in to an M4 Block 2 clone. I kind of want it to have a 14.5 barrel with a pin/welded brake and trying to decide if it's worth it to chop the barrel or just buy and new...
  9. Sig MCX in MA

    Ok this has been burning my ass for months... Why is the Sig MCX verboten in the People Republic? Now I know this is model of rifle that was used in the Pulse shooting which supposedly the straw that broke Maura's back and led to the whole 7/20 cluster-fun, but as far as I can dell it it...
  10. SBR Barrel Change?

    I am looking to SBR several rifles that have have easily changed barrel lengths and are "multi-caliber". Question: If you apply for and have approved a Form 1 for an SBR that is 10.5" in 5.56 is it legit to temporarily swap parts for say a 9" in 300 Blackout without paperwork? Does anybody care?
  11. Revolver Rabbithole

    So I think I might have a(nother) problem. Last week I went to the store to buy ammo and left with a new 6" S&W 686. I have really never been into revolvers, having this puppy in my hands completely changed my mind. I took it to the range on the way home and was only planing on shooting 100...
  12. Sig P320 Manual Safety

    It's my birthday and just impulse-bought a Sig P320 Compact with all the Mass-compliant bull. I am going to run it a bit before I make any decisions, but do any of you have this model and how do you feel about the safety? I am of two minds: Mind 1: I don't mind it. When I carry my other...
  13. Victory Buying (Opposite of Panic Buying)

    Hey All, I just want to throw this out there. Now that the smoke has cleared, the hangover is starting to wear off, and our butt cheeks have begun the process of unclinching (a natural response to the prospect of a Clinton presidency), go to one or all of your favorite gun shops and buy...
  14. Best Storage Solution for Handguns?

    I've been looking at gun safes and lock boxes and trying to decide the best strategy for storing many handguns (10-20). I was thinking about getting a tall/narrow rifle safe and simply building in 3 to 4 plywood shelves. Or something like this ammo cabinet...
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