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  1. Looking for a club.

    I'm a member at ACS and got the same e-mail today and several others in the past re: the same topic. Seems very fuddy to me and pisses me off as well but I guess you either find another club or use round splatter targets like I get from Walmart. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if ASSachusetts is...
  2. Mass hunter found dead

    Seeing as how it was real windy that day, I wonder if a widow maker took him out? I always hated being under the canopy with 40 - 50 MPH winds blowing around.
  3. Mass hunter found dead

    Knowing how to navigate using a compass and topo map is an invaluable (but dying) skill however these days knowing how to use a decent, inexpensive GPS will keep you out of trouble. Having a topo lets you read the terrain before you get there so you know what's ahead of you, be it a swamp, bog...
  4. Looking for bulk .30 Carbine ammo

    @Boxerboy2 See post above^
  5. My New Splitting Axe

    I follow up with a bastard file here and there to keep the edge clean but I just work through about 3-4 cords a year. Could be a poor heat treat issue like you say if it’s a chronic problem. Might try writing them a letter to see what they say or do as I‘m sure they don’t want an unsatisfied...
  6. My New Splitting Axe

    Just ordered this Fiskars Norden N12 Splitting Axe with 19" Hickory Handle. It weighs in at just under 3 lbs. and seems up to the task of splitting small to medium rounds & splits into more starter size wood for my wood stove fireplace insert. I've got a larger Fiskars X25 splitter that works...
  7. MiL House Cleanout - Bayonet. What do I have here?

    What a shit show that must have been! Took a lot of f—king balls to go over the top like that and into a hail of machine gun fire….
  8. MiL House Cleanout - Bayonet. What do I have here?

    What cams said - don't do anything until someone in the know takes a good look at it.
  9. Is the very young deer sick? Look at the lungs and liver

    Definitely not worth the risk. There‘s something not right if the internal organs look funky in any way, shape or form....
  10. How are you carrying full-size .45s?

    I’ve got a S&W 3” 686+ I’d love to carry but the damn thing is a friggin brick. It’s like 2.5 lbs. which at this stage of my game is a non starter as far as a carry gun goes. Any decent holster will suffice for a 1911 (or any heavy piece) as long as you don’t cheap out!
  11. How are YOU carrying striker-fired pistols?

    P365XL no safety with one in the chamber in a Milt Sparks VM II IWB Leather Holster. Might also be a P938 with a chambered round, cocked & locked in a VM II - it’s not striker fired but it’s in my rotation.
  12. What is S&W thinking?

    IDK, it looks like a pretty decent offering to many who may have physical impairments or other issues that affect hand strength. The serrations on the slide also make sense to me as a larger purchase on the slide would help to rack it easier. Oh wait a minute, it’s got pointy elbows… now I get...
  13. Looking for holster recommendation

    Milt Sparks is my go to IWB holster for quality, comfort and secure fit & finish. Not cheap and you’ll have a long lead time but once you start to CC with it you’ll know the wait and cost was worth it! I‘ve purchased I think 6 or so over the years for my carry pieces.
  14. Suit Carry

    JMO but I can’t understand how anyone can CCW a huge pistol like a 1911. I’ve got a S&W 686-6+ that I’d love to CCW but damn that bitch is heavy at 2+ lbs. That said, I saw this offering from Mitch Rosen via the Sig store that might be a good option. It’s made for the various P365 platforms and...
  15. Can anyone identify this rifle?

    The Afghan’s now have lots of nice new ultra modern rifles (and other goodies) courtesy of comrade Joey and his fellow socialist democrats!
  16. Will a Honda Generator be supported long term?

    Their generators are legendary - I doubt they’d jettison that market. I have an EM6500SX that’s bailed me out of many power outages. I’m on a well so no power means no water & I can tell you from experience that no water is much worse than no electricity.
  17. ‘The Big One Is Coming’ and the U.S. Military Isn’t Ready

    My wife and I during our honeymoon! She hasn’t lost her charm…
  18. ‘The Big One Is Coming’ and the U.S. Military Isn’t Ready

    She's just so cute in this photo.... only kidding - wife would kill me if I posted her photo but this isn't too far off the mark.
  19. ‘The Big One Is Coming’ and the U.S. Military Isn’t Ready

    Good point, but even amateurs need love too....
  20. ‘The Big One Is Coming’ and the U.S. Military Isn’t Ready

    Wifey or girlfriend can make a few extra bucks on amateur nights. Might help to offset the high heating costs this winter.
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