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  1. WTS free working snowblower

    anyone want this before the storm. works and it is free
  2. WTS free working snowblower

  3. WTS free working snowblower

    bump 50.00
  4. WTS free working snowblower

    bump $75.00
  5. WTS free working snowblower

    older ariens, believe it is around a late 60's maybe. 5 years ago i replaced the carb, tore it down and painted it. my dad used it for 3 years and it worked well for him. i don't need it, he got a new one last year. needs a pull start cord, muffler and oil change . electric starter works fine...
  6. WTS mossberg maverick 88 12 ga pump 3 barrels

    Description : newer maverick 88. this originally had a 20" barrel and 7+1 tube. now has 5+1 tube with new 18.5", cyl bore, older 24" cyl bore with rifle sights and a newer ported 28" vent rib with mid and front beads, 3 standard chokes, 3 extended chokes from a stoger and choke wrench, unknown...
  7. WTS mossberg maverick 88 12 ga pump

    Description : older maverick 88 single action bar shotgun with newer security 88 7+1 tube and 20" barrel, ati adjustable stock, gg&g sling loop and random cheap sling. cheap clamp on flash light mount , pistol grip. utg top rail. this being a older model they were not drilled and tapped like...
  8. WTS chiappa m4-22 upper

    Description : it is a chippia, this is probable the cheapest 22 upper made. i have done a lot of work and mods and at most i have got was 50 rds with out a fail to fire. normally at least 1 in 10 and half of those wont fire in a bolt gun after this is done with the rounds. from other sites...
  9. WTS j-frame IWB holster

    Location : danvers Description : desantis rh iwb holster for 2-2.25 fixed sight j-frame. got this years ago, tried it one time and did not like it. Accessories : Selling Terms : cash ftf in danvers Price : $20.00 Contact Information: pm here Pictures: Statement of Legal compliance: I...
  10. WTS shooting chrony with printer and tripod

    Location : danvers Description : shooting chrony with all books, printer and tripod. i have had this for a long time. it has worked well for me just upgraded to a labradar. the 2 piece rods that came with this i did cut one in half with a 223 years ago. did not damage the unit and i just cut...
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