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  1. Safariland vs bravo concealment

    The ALS system is great for rigorous training, duty, and if you want to open carry. I guess it really comes down to what are you actually trying to accomplish? If you look at concealment vs. retention it's pretty simple. As you get away from concealment, you should be ramping up the...
  2. Safariland vs bravo concealment

    No... The ALS system for the most part is less about concealment, and more about retention. It can be concealed, but not anywhere near like a purpose designed concealment holster. I have both, and use the ALS for carrying to court, or classes. The addition of the hardware required to secure...
  3. Who likes this G17 ?

    I would rather buy a cheap gen 3, have them cut serrations, add Dawson sights, and a Vickers extended slide stop.
  4. Anyone take firearm courses?

    Hey John. Im sorry that I'm late to the party. I don't teach classes anymore, the last two years have been a little rough, and to be honest the industry is so saturated, no one's interested in pure fundamentals. Everyone wants to be some tactical operator. I do still teach private lessons for...
  5. Suggest an pistol instructor for intermediate shooter

    Dennis is a friend of mine, and I would also HIGHLY recommend him. He's forgotten more than I know about shooting.
  6. Suggest an pistol instructor for intermediate shooter

    I just shot you a message man. Pun Intended... Get it? A shooting joke? :) Seriously though, for anyone wondering, I've had a ton on my plate over the last year, and really haven't done a lot of teaching. I still will always be available for NES folks that want to get better, but I don't...
  7. Christmas Poem by a Marine

    Maybe selfish Fencer... but honest.
  8. What's more important: Concealability or Ease of Draw?

    If you are chilling in an environment with real honest to God predators that are ****ing hungry.... concealment. If you are living live as the average person. Ease of draw. Or you could grab a phlster classic and have both. :)
  9. AR accuracy and ammo

    I was holding 2-3" groups at 100 with an off the shelf M&P 15 T and Wolf Steel Cased garbage at the last class I took. If you are looking for anecdotal experiences.
  10. Pistol Flashlight

    You can run a pistol light and a handheld you know. Since we are LARPing about home invasions and such, there are plenty of scenarios in which you may have to operate a pistol one handed because your other hand is occupied.
  11. Pistol Flashlight

    The battery compartment cover hinge snapped off 3 separate times Sean... likely due to recoil. They replaced it every time, but that light has been relegated to a training light.
  12. Pistol Flashlight

    I've broken a bunch of TLR 1 HL's on my work gun. I have yet to break my X300 U-B with the same (if not more) amount of abuse. Obviously that is a sample size of 1, but you can take that info however you want.
  13. Glock 19 Modification

    This. I would not mess with striker springs for anything other than a competition gun. With that being said, I do run an OC Customs trigger in my 19,, but have put so many rounds though it that I trust it with my life.
  14. Vortex- Exceptional Service

    I have really been impressed with any Vortex experience that I've had. I've been absolutely abusing a Venom on my G19 for testing, and it's still kicking.
  15. IDPA Match Worcester Pistol & Rifle Sat July 8

    and another match I'm stuck at work.... ugh.
  16. IDPA Match with Embedded Classifier, Saturday, 13 May 2017

    Work shafts me out of another match.... Nice job guys!
  17. Running out of Ammo in Private Citizen Self-Defense Shootings?

    I don't carry a spare magazine anymore. I don't discourage anyone from doing it, I just wear a belt full of shit all day and don't feel like I'm Batman when I'm not working. That's probably an awful reason, but that's my reason. I carry a G19 in an Eidolon, and a foursevens Quark click in...
  18. M&P Sights for USPSA/IDPA

    I put Dawson's on all my guns. The machining is excellent. The POA/POI has been spot on at 25 every single pair I install.
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