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  1. Holster suggestions for pistol classes

    Not all paddle holsters suck. I have a Vedder ProDraw Paddle for my Sig P365. I wear it when I'm going to the range, because it's very secure under the inner belt I wear, and is easy to remove when I put on my competition belt to practice. And, regarding your second point, I don't ever...
  2. Holster suggestions for pistol classes

    Holsters for taking classes are similar to those used in competitions. I've been running a Blade-Tech holster for over 15 years and it will easily go another 15 years. Comp-Tac also makes a good holster, I've got a few of those too. I think you are better off with kydex over any other...
  3. WTS WTS In MA, Like new, Glock 24 Long Slide, $900

    Black Friday bump with price drop to $900.
  4. WTS WTS In MA, Like new, sub-compact, Glock 27, $500.

    Black Friday bump with price drop to $500.
  5. Sig P322

    Just wondering if anyone has tried the Armory Craft adjustable trigger on their P322. I put another 100 or so rounds through mine and they are running great. Then I saw this trigger and now I “need” one. If they have a Black Friday sale, I’m pretty sure I’ll end up getting one to try. Mostly...
  6. Sig P322 Range Report #2

    Absolutely, lots of accuracy testing. But, you have to understand that accuracy testing to me means being able to hit a 6 inch plate at 30 ft. I dialed in the red dot, and iron sights for steel shooting and then just shot away. If my barrels start leading, I won’t notice it until I can’t hit a 6...
  7. Sig P322 Range Report #2

    Certainly not yet, but truth be told, I don’t plan to clean them until they stop running so it could be a very long time before I ever check for leading.
  8. Best .22LR for pistol on predator

    I would think that if you had a Semi-automatic it would be whichever round is the most reliable. Everything else is secondary.
  9. Sig P322 Range Report #2

    Sorry to hear about your issues. I didn’t have the patience to wait and ended up getting a pair of them a couple of weeks ago. I mounted a Holosun HS407k on one of them. And sighted both in relatively easily. Then on Monday I put a whole box of 2017 vintage Federal 525 round bulk ammo through...
  10. Where do you buy bullets?

    I've used and had very good luck with: For coated bullets, I like: If you are trying to simulate your carry ammo, you should first, chrono the ammo in your firearm to...
  11. WTS WTS In MA, Like new, sub-compact, Glock 27, $500.

    Bump, with price drop to $550.
  12. Armour Sports

    Hoping to do business with you soon.
  13. Do GunBroker sellers bid up prices?

    I never thought of actually bidding on something at GB. I don’t have the patience for that. If the item doesn’t have a “buy now” button I move on to another seller that does. I may have to give this “bidding” thing a try.
  14. I Bought A Sig P322 Pistol -Range Report Post #15

    The red dot I’ll use is the Holosun HS407K. I like the bigger dot size, and it mounts without a plate. If I can identify a red dot wit a bigger window that fits the RMSc footprint of the Sig before the Black Friday sales start then that’s what I would probably get. I’m sure I’ll buy a red dot...
  15. I Bought A Sig P322 Pistol -Range Report Post #15

    You can’t really consider this a negative until you experience it for yourself. Next range trip, you need to load up some mags “carelessly” and see how they work. I’m a fan of the TX22, and have a pair of them that I like a LOT. But, the TX22 with a red dot is not a true Carry Optics type...
  16. Gen 4 Glock Laser ?

    I like the idea of trying to keep up the interest in a new shooter, but if that is the case, you may be better off with a red dot and co-witnessed iron sights. Lasers don’t work so well outdoors in sunlight. They are just not bright enough. Also, lasers take your focus off the sights and onto...
  17. Snap ring plier for Dillon?

    You could always call or email Dillon and ask what they use.
  18. Gen 4 Glock Laser ?

    Crimson Trace also has some nice options. And they’re good quality. I put their laser grips on all my tiny snubbies. They also offer decent discounts to instructors. I would stay away from the lasers that replace your recoil spring, I wouldn’t trust their reliability.
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