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  1. Ninth Circuit 2A Opinion — Worth a Read

    Thanks for posting. Great read.
  2. NES/MFS September Giveaway S&W 638 38spl

    In READ THE RULES BEFORE POSTING!!!! Mass Firearms and would like to give away a Smith & Wesson 638 in September. How do you enter? Simple, if you're a GREEN member you can simply post in this thread "In" and I will add you to the drawing. If you are not a GREEN...
  3. Just cancelled my Visa account with First National Bank of Omaha

    Today I learned that First National Bank of Omaha says it will not renew its NRA co-branded credit card (the card carried the NRA logo on the front). I have carried the NRA card since 2010. I just got off the phone with the Bank (long wait due to excessive call volume) and cancelled my...
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