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  1. "New Posts" filters?

    My favorite way to navigate this forum is to hit "notifications" first to see what has been posted in topics I have posted in. After that, I go to the "New Posts" heading under "Forums" to see the latest posts since the last time I was on. BUT, is there a way to filter out the "for sale"...
  2. Marlin 1889 32-20

    A friend just inherited one of these, dated to 1891, and came to me for advice on ammo. I'm a little outside of my comfort zone with these rifles and giving advice. I originally thought they were made for blackpowder rounds but now see conflicting info on the internet. My question: can he buy...
  3. USPSA shoots self in leg today?

    Was anybody here at the USPSA match at Sanford/Springdale range in Maine today? I heard something about a guy shooting himself in the leg as he was holstering his pistol. Went in the thigh and came out his foot. I hope he's ok. That sounds like a lot of damage.
  4. German sniper (?) Scopes

    Just picked these up at a gun show. They looked "sniper-ish" to me so I grabbed them. Maybe they're not. I don't know. Top one is marked with maker. Bottom one is unmarked except for a serial number. What can you tell me about them?
  5. I jumped on the bandwagon..

    Went to a local shop that had a Silencershop kiosk and went through the process. Pretty easy actually. With eforms, it might be quicker than normal. We'll see. Bought a Q Erector for a 22 upper. Made in Portsmouth. NH.
  6. More on the "old ammo" theme

    I picked up an old 1911 and it came with these two crates with some ammo in them. I've seen unopened boxes of early .45 cartridges before , but never boxes of just bullets. Why would they package it like that instead of loose bulk?
  7. Calling all 1911 experts.....

    What do you make of this serial number? All early Colt features, but looks like that 1 at the end was struck later. Ever seen of heard of anything like this?
  8. Mauser sporter build.

    I just did a parking lot deal for a couple of Mauser actions/bolts/barrels/stock. I think they are 98-pattern CZ actions, but they've been scrubbed, so that's just a guess. Anyways one barrel is chambered in 22 Swift. The other barrel is a 30-caliber blank. So, my question is: what to chamber...
  9. Can anybody identify?

    I found this knife in a drawer. It doesn't look terribly old, but is made in usa. Never seen the mark before. My dad used to be a sucker for buying knives off of a magazine ad, gift catalogs, etc. So I'm not holding out too much hope for it being valuable.
  10. CMP New England Games matches canceled
  11. CMP cancels National Trophy Matches

    just got the email. No rifle or pistol trophy matches at Camp Perry this year. It's all bullshit.
  12. Old Camillus pocket knife

    Anybody here an expert on old pocket knives? I just found this in a box in my basement. I tried to find exactly what it was, but couldn't find this exact knife anywhere. The nearest to it would be a #96 Sportsman, but I can't find one with smooth handles and no bolsters.
  13. K98k-all-matching AX 1940

    I stumbled across this rifle in a Pawn shop in lewiston. Every metal part on this rifle matches. Had to buy it for $219. Now the bad part: She's been sporterized. D&T'd, sights removed, sporter stock. Kind of a big shame, as I understand AX's are sort of rare?
  14. Maine to Bloomberg: F Off!

    It was just reported that every anti-gun bill that came before the all-Democrat Maine legislature has been ruled "ought not to pass" or otherwise defeated. The last one was Bloomie's Red Flag bill that just went down in flames. I am pleasantly surprised by all of this.
  15. Maine "Surplus Gun" auction?

    I can't believe I've never heard of this before, but apparently they have this auction every year at about this time. From the variety of stuff they have, Im going to assume it's all asset seizures, confiscations, etc.. At least they're not chopping them up. It is time for our annual State of...
  16. Scoped Service Rifle Primer

    Scoped rifles for NRA and CMP Across the Course Highpower Rifle is here to stay. A few shooters from the PA area put this document together in hopes of boiling down all the info out there on suitable scopes and mounts for the Service Rifle. It will help reduce the research time if you are going...
  17. Check this out.

    Heading down the driveway to go to work this morning, and I see something white over on the edge of the field. Get out of the truck to check it out, and it's a dead 8 pointer! I figure it must have an arrow in it somewhere (rifle season starts tomorrow). Nope, no arrow. Did it get hit by a car...
  18. WTS Case 310 Dozer

    She's a honey but the bees don't know it! Case 310 dozer. Starts right up and pushed crap around. 4-cylinder gas motor so simple even an idiot like me can keep it running. Material, small trees, stumps, rock walls, etc.. I bought it to save wear and tear on my tractor, which I was using as a...
  19. Scrap brass

    Anybody taken any scrap brass to the yard lately? I've got a 5 gallon bucket + of spent casings that I need to get out of the way. Was wondering what the prices are like these days. And before you ask: it's all .22 LR, Berdan 30-06 and .308, and a few thousand WCC .223 that has been loaded...
  20. Yugoslavia Model 24, get the tissues ready

    Stumbled across this one yesterday. At a distance, it looked like a really nice, classic custom Mauser sporter. Beautiful piece of walnut. Lyman sight. Still in 8x57. I can accept a standard d&t. Then we get a little closer. Who is the paint chip eating retard who would make a mess...
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