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  1. ATF eForm 1 mega thread. Process and approvals!

    Also empty. Really don’t want to have to call them tomorrow but it’s looking like I’ll have to😐
  2. ATF eForm 1 mega thread. Process and approvals!

    Finally decided to do my first SBR and just finished registering for the atf eforms. According to their instructions page I should’ve received an email with my auto generated username. I did the process about a half hour ago but still haven’t gotten the email. Is that something that’s going to...
  3. Holster Recommendation for Glock 19

    I’ve been using a 508 holster recently for my Gen 5 g19. Don’t remember where I got it but it works well. I’ve just figured out it also holds my Gen 3 Glock 22 so I’ve been carrying that in it with no issues.
  4. Graf and Sons...good??? Bad???

    Same. I shoot graf black powder exclusively. Never had an issue.
  5. **SCAM ALERT**

    @AHM Being green to PM is an interesting suggestion. Not sure many people would go for it, but if you have to be green to sell then why not be green to buy? Again, only suggestions. I’m sure there’s much more behind the scenes that makes this issue complicated.
  6. Slide for Glock 17 Gen5

    Check Big Tex. They have Gen 5 slides available.
  7. Recommend me 1911 sights and a local gunsmith

    Have you thought about sending it to Novak? You just pick a sight option (or tell them what you’re looking to do) and mail them your slide. They do the milling and everything. Prices are on their website. I did it for one of my 1911’s and the turn around time was about a week and a half shipping...
  8. Upgrading from FID to LTC

    Because you’ve never had an LTC you’re considered a new applicant and will need to fill the form out as such. When I did mine I brought in another copy of my safety certificate. I think they already had one from my pre 21 FID but I wouldn’t bank on that.
  9. i think i'm going to give an uplula mag loader a try

    I got one from Enbloc last year. I can confirm you’ll wonder why you never bought one. I never leave for the range anymore without it.
  10. Whats the "Best CLP"? What do you use?

    Recently been using a Lucas no scent gun oil I found in my cabinet. Honestly not sure where it came from but so far it’s been great.
  11. New toy…

    Great purchase! Just curious- whats your opinion on the front sight?
  12. LTC-A carrying pre-ban mags question

    This has been settled- a few times. Nevertheless I’m bored waiting for dinner to be ready so here it goes. Yes. Neither. Pre 1994 mag. That’s it. From Texas, NH, Israel, anywhere.
  13. Unicorn: Modern, metal-frame .45

    S&W 4506
  14. **SCAM ALERT**

    Also spoke to Husky though his personal. Don’t contact his NES- the hacker has locked him out of multiple accounts and is stealing money through fraudulent ads.
  15. Caspian or Colt, or both?

    What @whatluck said. If you’re stuck between leaving it alone and doing a full custom build, opt for the middle. Send it for a day at the spa and then shoot the hell out of it. It’ll be a great gun either way. There are a lot of great smiths and you could just do sights, barrel/bushing, and...
  16. Ode to a Grandfather and Mentor.

    Greg-- Holy smokes. When we first met you told me you're in the business of making peoples dreams come true. You have done nothing but with this build and words can't describe how much this pistol means to me. It will be loved for generations to come. Here are my first shots with the gun. It's...
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