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  1. WTS S&W 4003TSW 40Tactical in NH. $475

    Selling my 4003TSW Tactical in Fotay. Former Atlanta PD gun. Stainless slide, Alloy frame. 2 Mags. In New Hampshire, don't have a clue if it's on the Ma. "list". Terms: $475 CASH, FTF, if I don't personally know you, have a NH CC permit, otherwise it's an FFL transaction. Location: Salem NH...
  2. WTS Ruger SP101 3" 357 Mag $500 in NH

    Selling my Ruger SP101 357 3" 5 shot revolver to fund another toy. Nice condition, Hogue grips. Have no idea if it is on the Ma. "list". Terms" $500 CASH, no trades. FTF if I know you, or you have a NH P&R License. Otherwise...FFL Location: Salem NH Contact" PM All State and Fedeal Laws will be...
  3. WTS Ruger EC9s 9mm Compact Pistol in NH $235 SOLD

    This EC9s was unfired until yesterday, ran 4 mags thru it. Functioned flawlessly with 115 Gr Rn/ 124 NATO RN and Federal 135 gr HydroShok. Problem is, I'm a 1911 single action guy, and I doubt I could ever get used to the trigger on the EC9s. Price: $235 Location: Salem NH Terms: CASH- FTF w/ NH...
  4. Please remove, figured out the problem.

    Just tried to post feedback, filled in the form, no "post" button? Edit: figured it out.
  5. WTB Looking for a RAK-1 Trigger Group for an AK

    Kind of a longshot, but looking to change out a trigger group in my AK that has terrible trigger slap. Looking for a RAK-1, but they are OOS everywhere! Anyone have one on the shelf that they would part with?
  6. "Off Topic" gone?

  7. Odd reply to Classified Ad.

    Just posted an older Ruger 1022 Charger in the classifieds last night. Made it clear it was in NH, and that I have no clue as to legality in the PRM. Was PMd by a Green member, 100% rating on 8 transactions. I know posting PMs are verboten, but this has me confounded.: "Hello is that still...
  8. SOLD


    "Nyet, Rifle is Good" ...."Go f*** Yourself!" View:
  10. Amsec TB06010-2 under counter safe, $75 Salem NH

    Amsec TB06010-2 under counter safe. Sargent & Greenleaf combo lock. List price $251. Sells for $189, I’m selling this lightly used for $75. This "could" be used as a pistol safe to meet storage requirements, but being a combo lock, does not make for quick access. Better used as a drop safe for a...
  11. WTS Misc ammo: 32 s&w Long, .380 Liberty, 7.62x39 Yugo

    Selling some things I don't use: 380 Liberty Civil Defense, box of 20 $25 32 S&W long- one full box PPU and a partial box of 37 rnds Remington, total of 87 rnds $35 223 Tulammo Steel Case 3 boxes, 60 rounds $36- SOLD .45 Tulammo Steel Case 3 boxes 150 rnds $75 SOLD 7.62x39 Yugo M67 Brass Case...
  12. WTB Rock Island Armory M14Y .22 LR w/ threaded Barrel

    Title says it all. Location: Salem NH Contact: PM
  13. Furless deer in NH?

    Got a picture on my game cam of a buck that has no fur. Not mange, very even short hair like a Weimaraner. Overall looks healthy, except you can see every tick on it. I would guess most deer are carrying a similar amount of ticks, just not visible through their fur. Thought it odd....then while...
  14. WTB Ruger 1022 Charger Barrel

    Looking to buy a 10" Ruger Charger threaded barrel for a non-takedown early model. Mines not threaded. Hoping someone has a takeoff from an upgrade. Thanks.
  15. 7.62x51 Surplus Ammo 540 Rounds in Ammo Can $275 SOLD! Please remove.

    I have a can of 540 rounds of Santa Barbara surplus ammo, 1962 vintage, for sale for $275. Location: Salem NH Price: $275 CASH Contact: PM All State and Federal rules followed
  16. Poll: Union Leader

    You know what to do. Hope it's not a dupe.
  17. Poll Foster's Daily Democrat

    Poll: Should the sale of assault rifles be stopped?
  18. NH Drunk Drive Held at Gun Point...imagine if this were in Ma.?

    Good Samaritans cornered out-of-control drunk driver, held him at gunpoint, say Portsmouth police ""Upon determining that the man’s actions were legally justified and that he was lawfully entitled to possess a firearm, his property was immediately returned," police said."
  19. THE HORROR!!! Maine hunter shoots man in chest!

    This is really pathetic reporting. Some turkey hunter shot at a turkey and a "round" ie pellet hit another guy. Didn't puncture the skin, and for some reason he "refused treatment"??? What treatment is there for a welt from a bb? A hug and a kiss on the boo boo? Maine hunter aiming for turkey...
  20. NH Voters: Dr. Levenson for Congeress 2nd District.(beware)

    Stewart Levenson is running a campaign for Congress, against Fat Annie Kuster, the douchebag. He runs ads claiming to be pro 2a, poses with a shotgun etc, says all the "right" pro 2a phrases, BUT, He has stated publicly " he is pro-Second Amendment but is open to the possibility of additional...
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