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  1. 03 FFL C&R Massachusetts

    The first purchase pays for the license in the form of no FFL transfer. I yearn for the days of $99 M91/30s. Should have bought more.
  2. Anyone dealing with a Woke employer?

    The company is not "woke" fortunately, but I still like to have fun with it. I routinely tell people that I identify as something new ever few weeks and during normal chatter with co-workers I will stop the conversation and ask "wait, did you just assume your own gender? That's offensive to...
  3. Finishing an 80% lower

    Might be a stupid question. Asking for a friend who bought an 80% from a guy in a place; are the jigs universal? If he had no jig, could he "find" one somewhere and use it for his lower?
  4. Trapdoor Springfield 45-70. Looking for ammo

    Thanks for the replies. I had been toying with the idea of reloading for it, but I would have to outlay the capitol cost for the Lee kit, bullets, brass, and powder (and it's not even my rifle). Figured I would buy 2 boxes of commercial/cowboy loaded stuff and give it to my uncle for...
  5. Trapdoor Springfield 45-70. Looking for ammo

    I recently rebuilt a rusted-shut 1884 Trapdoor for my Uncle and am trying to track down some ammo for it. Does anyone know of a local shop/person in the Central MA (Fitchburg, Leominster, Sterling) area who would be a good resource? Also, has anyone had success firing the new production 45-70...
  6. Long range antelope kill at 1567 yards!

    Once is luck, twice is coincidence, three times.............that's how you know.
  7. Article: Connecticut Gun Owners Deliver a Message--'No we won't'

    If the authorities know only X% have been registered, then they know how many are not registered, meaning they know the who/what/and where of the non-registered ones. Am i missing something?
  8. Ex pulls gun from her vagina and threatens Cromac McCarthy

    I'd be worried about corrosion.
  9. Why more Trap than Skeet at clubs?

    I've notice there is also a general disdain felt for trap from the skeet side of things. Not quite sure why. I hear a lot of "why shoot low 7's all day". That said, I like both. Skeet has a slightly higher draw for me. I like the movement and additional challenge of tracking something...
  10. Severely cracked case out of mosin

    I've had that happen before. I attributed it to the ammo that was dug out from underneath Sergei's porch in Russia and resold to us filthy capitalists. Mosins have been killing stuff for a long time, under far worse conditions. I say keep shooting it. If not, I know a guy who will take it...
  11. Just bought a Raptor Grip for my 870!

    Looks like a dildo.
  12. First Loads - 223

    Send me the rest of the 4895. It isn't suitable for 223 loads .
  13. Article: Should the Blind be Able to Obtain a Concealed Weapons Permit?

    Yes. How about we let these people make their own decisions regarding their personal safety and individual liberties. I've never read a story about a blind person who has shot someone (justified, accidentally, murdered, etc). This is a solution looking for a problem. Anyone have a lion...
  14. 2nd Amendment backer: no guns for mentally ill

    The government can define who is officially "mentally ill", and they can also prohibit the "mentally ill" from legally owning firearms. Sure. Sounds like a sound philosophy. Clearly nothing can go wrong in this scenario. After all, the government knows best. Pass the Victory Gin please.
  15. 3D Printed AR15

    Don't ask. Don't tell.
  16. Deciding on a Progressive (550/LnL/Pro2000)

    I went with the LnL. Primarily for three reasons; 1. It was on sale at the time 2. The LnL bushing system eliminates the need to buy a tool head for each caliber 3. It came with the "Get Loaded" promotion. You can choose from 500 free bullets of select calibers. I ended up with about...
  17. reloading materials for 5.56

    For powder, find something that will meter well through your powder measure. Ball powders, no stick powders. I use Winchester 748 or 760 almost exclusively for high volume rifle loads. If your focus is loading in bulk, the best bullets are whatever is cheap and available.
  18. Type 53 rusted and pitted barrel question

    Just close your eyes for the first shot. I would expect the bolt to fail before the barrel would, especially on old military rifles. If you're hesitant, I know a guy who will take it off your hands.
  19. Need to push LNL shell plate to lock and load

    Make sure the underside of the shellplate is cleaned and greased properly, and grease the main ram via the zerk fitting. My new LNL was doing this for a bit until I was able to grease it properly. If those are taken care of then begin adjusting the appropriate pawl 1/8 of a turn at a time.
  20. Tracers off water = cool vid

    Never would have guessed they spray off in that many directions.
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