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  1. 60 Minutes had a piece on Preppers

    hmmmm. 60 Minutes just had a pretty reasonable piece on Preppers. Talked with the guy who runs ''. Seemed to me to be encouraging folks to prepare. I've also been seeing an online article telling folks they should be putting back ~$2,000 in case of a 'national emergency'. This is...
  2. LCR Range Report 22lr - trouble with extraction

    Took my new LCR 22lr to the range today. Didn't get around to cleaning it first. I had Aguila Super Extra, CCI Mini-Mag and CCI Velocitor. I started with a cylinder of Aguila, it shot fine but I couldn't budge the extractor rod to remove the shell casings. I had to pry them out with a...
  3. ShopRuger Security Breach

    Got a letter in the mail today from the folks that own the server that hosts ShopRuger, my information was hacked. Oh Joy. Anyone else get this?

    Sold Pending All laws will be followed.
  5. Who to make renewal check out to?

    I see the fees listed for licensing, I'm doing my renewal. But I don't see who to make the check out to... is it the state or my town? Thanks :-)
  6. “That’s what dads do. They take care of their family,” (Ukraine)
  7. ‘I Just Can’t Stand By’: American Veterans Join the Fight in Ukraine

    I totally get it... if I was young and healthy I'd want to help too. Very proud of the vets doing this.
  8. Expecting a package from USPS - might be out of luck.

    An 18 wheeler took a nosedive into the Charles yesterday afternoon - news showed packages floating around in the water. Hope my dehydrated carrots weren't in there.
  9. Sig announces P365-380

    I had heard rumors of this at least 6 months ago, it's now announced on their homepage. I compared the size of the 365 to the Glock 42 on HandgunHero and they're almost identical. I'm thinking the biggest difference might be that the Sig holds 10 rounds. I guess I'll wait until I hear some first...
  10. Solar panel for portable power station

    I'm thinking of getting a Jackery SolarSaga 100 Solar Panel for a Jackery 300 Power Station. Anyone have any experience with these, or any other brands? In an extended outage it would give me an unending supply of light. I live in an apartment where I can't have a generator. thanks.
  11. Velocitors out of a Ruger MKIV?

    Im thinking of getting a MKIV, maybe the standard, maybe the bull barrel. I tend to stock up on velocitors because my lcpii likes them. I read somewhere that some folks had jamming with hollow points. Anyone have experience with mkiv’s and hollow points?
  12. Guy who was saved with first pig heart stabbed someone 7 times On the one hand I think it's fine to use criminals for medical experimentation, but I still feel a little cranky when it works out well for them. I know, I know, we'll all benefit in the end.
  13. What are you getting yourself for Christmas?

    I'll start - an ESEE Izula II with an Armatus sheath.
  14. KA-BAR TDI

    Just looking at the Ka-Bar TDI online - I like the looks of it. Anyone know if it's legal in MA? Anyone have any experience with it?
  15. Kel-Tec .22mag rifle

    If only they made this with a 10rd mag....
  16. Solid Chocolate Handgun & Grenade Set
  17. Taran Tactical first hand experience

    I'm thinking about trying a Taran Tactical +2 mag extension on my Glock to bring it up to 8. From what I've read online, Tartan seems the most reliable. Anyone have any direct experience with mag extensions? Thanks.
  18. Any Vermont Gun Shop Worth a Quick Visit?

    I'll be heading to Burlington later this month, wondering if anyone knows of any interesting gun shops I might be near. Won't have a lot of time to explore, just an overnight trip. Taking Rt 89.
  19. sorry, dupe - please delete

  20. WTT my Hornady 380 for your Hornady 38spl Lite

    Anyone interested in a trade? I have Hornady 380 Critical Defense, but not much 38spl, would like a box or two. Location: northshore or southern NH
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