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  1. Gym carry?

    i think im going to get a Spiritus fanny SACK for beach/gym carry. im addicted to tachuntfish shorts for the gym and summer to flash the creamy whites until i get tanned, and theyre comfy as fck. absolutely zero ability to carry in their athletic shorts though. the fanny sack will allow me to...
  2. WTS Glock 43 Upgraded Carry Package

    Bump. Want to move this Black Friday deal, take the whole package for $725.
  3. Any experience with Tier 1 Axis Elite?

    T1C holsters are fantastic. I use an Axis elite for my 19 in the fall and for my 43X in the summer. They make the gun disappear on my body. Appendix carry definitely is body type dependent i would say.
  4. WTS Glock 43 Upgraded Carry Package

    Bump. Edited original post.
  5. WTS Glock 43/43X Zaffiri Milled Slide

    Taking my summer carry gun in a different direction so I am parting with my Zaffiri milled slide. It’s Cerakoted FDE and only has ~300 rounds through it. This slide will be sold as stripped with no upper parts or barrel, the Holosun 507 is not for sale. I paid $350+ tax new, only looking for...
  6. WTS Glock 43 Upgraded Carry Package

    Moving on from my 43 and building a 43X frame that I recently purchased. The gun has probably 300 rounds through it and is tastefully modified with some quality stuff. - T1 carry texture stippling from Teflon Customs. Single undercut and thumb indexing added. - Hyve extended mag release - 2...
  7. WTS /WTT Stripped Gen 4 Glock 19 MOS Slide

    bump. want to move on from this
  8. WTT delete

    bump. added details. i want to go in a different direction with this summer carry.
  9. WTS /WTT Stripped Gen 4 Glock 19 MOS Slide

    Bump. No barrel included. Price dropped.
  10. WTT delete

    pls delete
  11. MA Freedom Rally Dumpster Fire

    I partially laugh at this, because I’d bet that at the rate we’re going, NH will be blue before you know it.
  12. MA Freedom Rally Dumpster Fire

    You couldn’t be more right. He didn’t do shit for me when I was having problems with my LTC issuance back when I was 21. I’m about ready to vote for that guy Jim Poore lol
  13. MA Freedom Rally Dumpster Fire

    Just posted as some food for thought. im sure there will be some ‘antifa ideas’ there. im just tired of sitting here and watching bullshit get forced down my throat everyday with new regulations and mandates. Like how do we just let this happen and be like ‘we need to elect better cucks to...
  14. MA Freedom Rally Dumpster Fire

    I get it, but how long is ‘walking softly and carrying big stick’ going to go on while we all continue to get f***ed? ive got my own small tribes, I’m just feeling like politics are failing us at all levels. I agree we need to elect better representatives who value our freedoms, the fact of the...
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