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  1. 2022 Deer Season

    I can say that I cannot once attribute deer in after blind calling with a bleat can. Maybe they did 30+ minutes later and I assumed they were unrealated but nerver one I habe sure of. I have had a bleat can work to bring a doe backwalked past me out f range ONCE. Buck grunts I have had a...
  2. 2022 Deer Season

    I got a few good hunts in over the Thanksgiving break. I didn't see the big one I have been after but had an 8pt walk by my Friday at 7:30am and I couldn't pass up the 18 yard shot. He bolted 50 yards into a thick swamp and I heard him crash. While letting the heart rate settle another 8pt...
  3. Knife 'STEELS'-N-DEALS thread!

    I added a Vortex SPARC II for $99.99 to get free shipping on the knife and get both. The regular $ on the Vortex was $259.99.
  4. Ballister Molina WWII 45.ACP

    Monthly bump :)
  5. 500 XM855 Green Tip 5.56 and 500 American Eagle .223

    Forgot these were still posted but thought I would bump them since I found the post.
  6. Trail camera thread. Post ur trail camera photos.

    Well i didnt get the wide one but this 8pt gave me an 18 yard shot at 7:30 this AM. 15 mins later another 8pt walked the same trail and gave me a 16 yard shot but i just video’d him on the phone and let him walk by none the wiser. Great morning!!
  7. Trail camera thread. Post ur trail camera photos.

    I am still trying to catch a glimpse of this guy while on stand but so far he is winning the cat and mouse game!!
  8. 2022 Deer Season

    Not a deer or a hunt but I thought it fit here. I killed a deer Friday and I typically butcher them up in steps over a few days. Sunday I finished breaking it down to quarters and taking out the backstraps. I tossed the head, bottom of legs and some trimmed bits, into the back end of my back...
  9. 2022 Deer Season

    Dropped a freezer filler doe last night. Had a broadside shot at 25 with her looking at me. She spun when i released. Got a front entry which worked out just fine. She bolted 50 yards and piled up. Not the buck i have been looking for but I am still looking for him :)
  10. Do you still have your first gun?

    First 2 I ever bought were about the same time. A Remmington 870 express and a "bubba" Enfield. Both are still in the safe. I use the 870 still for deer and turkeys but the Enfield hasn't seen the light of day outside of the safe in about 10 years now.
  11. My best deer yet

    Great write up!! I spent a decade hunting muleys and elk out west, yes it is very different! I haven't quartered up a deer in the field in 14 years :) Nice job and congrats, what a fantastic memory and thanks for sharing all the details!!
  12. Lighted nocks Mass

    There are plenty of ways to deal with FOC to counter a few grains on the tail end if that is an issue for you. There is no way a lighted nock is reducing my penetration on an animal as long as the bow is tuned, arrow flies straight (which also assumes proper FOC). A few extra grains of overall...
  13. Lighted nocks Mass

    I'll vote for legal and in either case I will always use them. They are actually required on a MA (not state run hunt though) hunt I am part of. They have aided me many times in the dark finding and recovering an arrow and identifying the exact shot location. Sometimes blood trails take a...
  14. 500 XM855 Green Tip 5.56 and 500 American Eagle .223

    TTT. One box of each left.
  15. 2007 Starcraft Centennial Popup camper

    I just posted this on craigslist but thought I would throw it up year also.
  16. Ballister Molina WWII 45.ACP

    Another bump, it's been a while and she is lonely in the safe :)
  17. Yard Sale Sunday 10/2 9am-1pm

    We are having a yard sale Sunday 10/2 9am to 1pm and I am digging through hunting supplies, gun parts, holsters etc to add to the regular items. Location is Rich Road in west Woburn. It's a small street, easy to find on google maps and we'll have signs out on the main street (Russell) to...
  18. Sold

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