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  1. RIP Hershal Williams, last WWII MOH recipient...

    RIP Gunner 🇺🇸
  2. Our Son Passed Away On Friday

    Condolences for your loss. RIP James.
  3. merry Christmas Vets.

    Well said. Merry Christmas, brothers! Semper Fi
  4. Any central MA LTC courses?
  5. Commandant's 246th Marine Corps birthday message...

    Awesome! Semper Fi Brothers! [iwojima] Happy 246th!
  6. What year did you start shooting?

    Parris Island -- M14 Class of 67 Danang -- M16 & M60 68/69
  7. My niece gets lance corporal in couple weeks

    Well done Marine! Congratulations!
  8. Our Son

    Wasn't an option in spring of 67 when I went through. If you "quit" you were headed to Fort Dix for Army basic. The draft was in full force then and many of us had been called in for a physical. I decided to enlist as the last thing I wanted was to be drafted. Delayed entry was an option and I...
  9. News on Steve Foley (SwatGig)

    Condolences to family and friends. Rest in peace, sir.
  10. Goodbye my friend

    RIP Luigi. Sorry for your loss.
  11. Merry Christmas Vets

    Indeed, Merry Christmas brothers! Semper Fi
  12. One of our own lost his home to a fire

    In for some $$$. This happened to a good friend two years ago. It took him two years to get through all the insurance BS and get his house rebuilt. Sad to see about the kittys, but glad no injuries.
  13. Happy 245th Birthday Devil Dogs!

    Happy Birthday Marines !! Semper Fidelis !!
  14. Hanging up the uniform

    My Dad was CG as well. Eastwind to Antarctica 1960.
  15. Hanging up the uniform

    Congrats. Semper Paratus !!
  16. Million Veteran Program (MVP)

    Nope. My same exact thoughts!
  17. Run rabbit run.

    Ikey ??
  18. Best LGS near Milford Dennis and staff are great to deal with. Very knowledgeable and in Uxbridge.
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