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  1. 2022/2023 Upland Hunting

    I absolutely got away with one this year. Hit it with two pieces of shot. One in her leg, the other entered under her wing and got her lungs. She flew about 150 yards and then folded and hit the ground. We thought she hit a tree branch and broke her neck until I started plucking her.
  2. 2022/2023 Upland Hunting

    I think so. Limits the distance I can take shots a bit, but so far, it's 100% fatal to the birds I've shot it at. I think, for farm-raised birds at least, it's more than sufficient.
  3. 2022/2023 Upland Hunting

    I was very happy, overall, with the season but would have liked one or two more birds. We got six last year in Dale's rookie campaign. I was hoping to top that. My daughter (5 years old going on 18) loves to cook and eat pheasant so the one I have in the deep freeze (A small hen) for when my...
  4. 2022/2023 Upland Hunting

    The final tally in MA for Dale and I was 5 birds harvested, 7 flushed. Hunted Bolton Flats on 11/12 and put up three birds, harvested two there. The new shotgun is a lazer and SO much easier to tote around for 3 or 4 hours than my silver pigeon. All that said, I didn't have as much time as...
  5. 2022/2023 Upland Hunting

    This sport is a disease, by the way. I "accidentally" purchased a new shotgun for the second half of the season. Wife's gonna kill me.
  6. 2022/2023 Upland Hunting

    It was damp but not soaked. Very huntable. It's just getting hammered. I was there for two hours and heard lots of gunfire. Chatted with a dude and his two enormous (and chonky) labs for a bit. He got one down by the river on the way to the cattails portion.
  7. 2022/2023 Upland Hunting

    Spaniel, yep. He's a Boykin Spaniel from Briar Ridge Kennel in VA. Awesome couple who owns that guide service and kennel. They also breed champion quality Brits. Boykins are the state dog of SC and were bred there to hunt turkey, upland, and waterfowl. They were "designed" to be compact as a...
  8. 2022/2023 Upland Hunting

    I'm heading to Bolton Flats tomorrow morning and will report back. I've been hitting a local WMA a couple of times a week and it's been SLAMMED. I hunted lunch today, no other cars until I was leaving when a dude showed up. Came back a couple hours later to five cars in the tiny lot. I think...
  9. Hopkinton Sportsmen's Association Semi-offical thread

    I 100% cannot read. Known fact. Just ask @SJan or @BostonBullit
  10. SOLD WTS - S&W M&P9 - Trigger Job, Holster, Magazines

    Looking to sell my Gen 1 M&P 9mm. I shot this in USPSA for a season before moving on to other guns and divisions. It's sat in my safe ever since. Included: M&P 9 Gen 1 OWB Holster Mag Pouches 6 Magazines (5 OEM, 1 MEC-GAR) The trigger was unsucked and upgraded by Greg Derr after I purchased...
  11. Practical Precision Rimfire rifle match at Hopkinton. September 4

    There's still room to come and shoot!
  12. Practical Precision Rimfire rifle match at Hopkinton. September 4

    Online payment stuff is sorted. Go sign up!
  13. Practical precision rifle match at Hopkinton. August 13.

    Or may not even run. Example: My CZ457 will not, under any circumstances, run Eley Club. I can sometimes get it to run Eley Edge. I haven't tried Eley Match or TenX yet. It loves SK Match and one or two other imprints from that line.
  14. Hopkinton Sportsmen's Association Semi-offical thread

    I'm 99% sure that shooting any of the club's plates with a shotgun is verboten. Setup in Bay 6 and bring your own and then go nuts.
  15. PRS Rimfire noob thread

    I finally got it and yep, it's slick. About 1#. Haven't put it on the gauge yet.
  16. PRS Rimfire noob thread

    Thanks! I'll put my pull gauge on it when I pick it up from the FFL this week. The dude I bought it from put YoDave parts in so I'm hoping that it's pretty slick already. I have bad luck messing with triggers.
  17. PRS Rimfire noob thread

    Nothing too fancy. CZ457 MTR Varment with Lilja barrel, Vortex PST Gen II. Waiting on delivery at the moment.
  18. PRS Rimfire noob thread

    I have been bullied into this by @SJan and @BostonBullit. Waiting on my rifle to make it here from WI then it's on.
  19. Hopkinton Sportsmen's Association Semi-offical thread

    Recently, the only Wednesday night USPSA practice that's open to the public is the second Wednesday of the month. We've been wrapping around 6 or so. We'll shoot later when it gets and stays warmer. If you have questions about USPSA at Hopkinton, you should email [email protected]
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