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  1. WTS 9mm ammo

    I have 5 4 3 cases of CCI Blazer brass 9mm that I am looking to part with. $400 per case. Cash only no trades please. Located in rehoboth but can meet between rehoboth and Middleboro down to fall river.
  2. Preban AK magazines

    Preban 30rd AK magazines. Spine back, no flats.. All in good shape. I've got 9 to part with. $30/ea Edit: 6 left. $170 for the remainder if you take all.
  3. Need help to identify magazine

    I've got a couple magazines here I can't seem to identify. The round next to it is a .223rem There is no markings on the body, other than round count on the back. Baseplate of one has 92-92 on it. 8" long 1 13/6" wide 7/8" deep.
  4. 400 guns stolen from UPS in TN

    2 men broke into a Memphis UPS store and stole 400 guns, police say - CNN Sure sounds like an inside job. But a big heist none the less. 400 guns.. 2 guys..
  5. Anyone use a trijicon accupoint?

    I've got this SCAR 17 that is in need of an optic. I'm looking at the Trijicon accupoint 2.5-12.5x42 with mil-dot reticle. My main goals are to shoot up to 600yds for now. Possible hog hunts in the next few years. Ive done some serious looking into these and pretty much settled on the trijicon...
  6. New gun out of Czech republic

    This looks super interesting.. much better design idea than Hudson I'd say. Laugo Arms Czechoslovakia is the manufacturer. Eta for the US is 2019.
  7. Polish Mauser k29

    I have finally found my Holy Grail Mauser. I'm polish so I've been searching for one for a long time. 1930 model k29 with crest intact and no ugly import marks anywhere. Numbers matching but the bolt which is still correct polish. Mirror shine bore. And correct polish sling. More Pictures to come.
  8. Proposed amendments to NY SAFE act

    Not sure if dupe. It's so sad that it's almost funny how stupid these new liberal laws are getting to be. NY LAWMAKERS: LIMIT AMMO PURCHASES TO 20 ROUNDS EVERY 90 DAYS
  9. Looking for FFL space in South East MA

    If anyone has space for an FFL they'd sublet or knows of small office space for rent in the Taunton/Swansea/Fall River area for under $200/month. I would only need like 100-200sqft max. I'd love to go up to Littleton but it's too far for me at the moment.
  10. Sig Romeo 1

    Been looking for a reflex sight recently. And stumbled across the Sig Romeo 1 1x30 reflex sight. Looks very good in reviews online and has a nice large lens which I need. Anyone have one of these and care to share their experience with it?
  11. Friend didn't renew his LTC

    Sorry if this has been brought up before, couldn't find anything in the search. A friend of mine didn't renew his LTC and has been expired for a year or so. He has a firearm in his possession, could someone else that does have a valid LTC hold it for him til he gets a new LTC? Would if need to...
  12. Antique shotgun ammo

    I have a few boxes of antique shotgun ammo, I know some folks like to collect them. Was wondering if anyone can tell me if they're worth anything and where to sell them?
  13. Remo popular bolt action 12 gauge shotgun value

    So I was given a remo popular 12 gauge bolt action as a gift a ways back... it has sat in the safe for a while, I have no intentions of shooting it really. I also don't go to the range often at all anymore. Just wondering what the value of it is and whether or not it's worth it for me to hold...
  14. Armour Sports - Taunton, MA

    So I stopped by this very new shop a week ago. The owner was a really nice guy, had a good conversation with him about various firearms and accessories. From what he said, he's only been open less than a month. His inventory isn't huge yet, but it's growing well. I certainly suggest folks in the...
  15. Moved to green town from not so green, green town

    So, I lived in Attleboro and got my license there with restrictions for T&H. I had it there for a year before I moved to Rehoboth. CLEO in Attleboro gave me restrictions because I was under 26, not for any other reason. He said if I was 26, unrestricted no problem... I moved to Rehoboth now...
  16. LTC taking nearly 5

    I applied for my license on october 7th. The lieutenant that had taken the paperwork, etc. had said to call him in 3 months. I did, he said "we're still waiting on the background check to come through"... called again every week. Same answer. Finally 2 weeks ago, spoke with the captain, and he...
  17. Remo 12 gauge

    So I have a chance to buy a Remo 12 gauge bolt action for $60. It's sight unseen though. Is this gun worth it even if it were to be just a wallhanger? I've read that they are unsafe to shoot even if everything is ok. What do yall think?
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