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  1. MA fishing license question

    Searched here, searched the state sites, can't find anything. Going fishing tomorrow, my father wants to come watch. Not to fish, just to hang out. For some reason I remember hearing that he'd still need a license regardless. Is that true? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Fishing a private pond

    Tried searching here. Tried the state website. No luck. Do you need your fishing license to fish a private pond on private land? My gun club has a fish pond that I was gonna check out with a buddy who doesn't have his license yet.
  3. Painting a Glock Slide

    Looking for the best rattle can method for spraying a glock slide. I painted mine with high temp wheel paint and high temp clear coat and it was peeling within a week. I de greased it, sanded it, de greased again. Baked it, painted it, repeated. Any particular primer i could have used to help...
  4. Can't post in Classifieds

    Used to be able to. Can't anymore. Didn't get any PM or notification that I did something wrong to lose permission.
  5. Question Regarding Address Change

    At the end of the month I'm moving. Staying in the same town. When just changing addresses to you need to make the full notifications (local pd, issuing authority, FRB) or is just notifying the FRB sufficient?
  6. Can We Organize an EFFECTIVE Protest?

    This foolishness going around on Facebook for today at 5pm is stupid and it's lazy. Clearly "organized" by people who don't think having their rights stripped is more important than work. What good will it do to rally at 5pm after everyone we want to see our rally is gone?! It's also too short...
  7. Part 1/4 Tiered Fighting Load for Modern Minutemen

    "Regardless of what you choose to use, the concept behind it is the same; it’s the bare minimum of tools you need to defend yourself, you family and your home. If you have a home invasion, you can throw this belt on and have everything you need to protect yourself."...
  8. Cry Havoc Gear X-Rig IWB Holster

    Did a search, didn't see anyone who had posted about this already so here's my .02. Everyone and their cousin thinks they can make kydex holsters and by and large, they're crap. However I came across these guys and decided to give them a try and I was pretty impressed. "The X-Rig is a great...
  9. WTB WTB: Flat Screen Monitor

    Damn dog punted my laptop off the bed and now it doesn't have a screen. Still works if I plug it into my tv. Looking for someone willing to part with a flat screen monitor or small flat screen tv for free or really cheap.
  10. Need a solid plate carrier?

    This ones the balls. I like it so much I ordered a second one
  11. Missed Connections

    To the young man on Shawmut Ave in Boston wearing khakis and an ACU fleece, open carrying what looked like a 1911, I applaud you. Well played.
  12. WTS 5.11 Bags

    I have 3 bags in really good shape that I'm trying to get rid of. Need to make space in my closet. FTF in the north shore. Maybe willing to ship on the buyers dime. 5.11 Rush 24 in OD green $70 5.11 Rush Delivery in multicam $70 Condor knock off of the Maxpedition fatboy in OD green $20 All...
  13. Time For a New Optic

    Looking to get an optic for my new AR that I picked up a few weeks ago. I'm settled on vortex, I have a strikefire I one my other AR and I'm convinced it's almost as good as an aimpoint for 1/3 the money. I'm stuck between the spitfire, sparc or another strikefire. Suggestions?
  14. Can this barrel be threaded?

    I picked a used AR for short money last week and in my haste didn't take a close look at the muzzle brake. Took it shooting and found out real quick the brake was on upside down. Turns out it was the most hack, DIY install I've seen done. I managed to get it off and this is what was underneath...
  15. Land for shooting in MA/NH

    Sparing the details, Does anyone know of any public land in MA Or NH that can be used for target shooting? Other than a public range like firing line or original bond
  16. Friend is losing his LTC

    Long story short, left his gun in his trunk, loaded. Rolled his car over, trunk opens and gun falls out. Cop nailed him with intoxicated possession (0.05 BAC) and improper storage. Oops.
  17. help programming radio

    just got a little baofeng radio that I'm trying to program. I'm looking to put in some local PD channels to scan on. I can program/save freqs no problem. where i run into issues is the freqs i want to program are too large. i.e. 462.7289, the radio stores as 462.729 (random example, not actual...
  18. Portable Power Source

    I'm looking to make a portable base station, kinda like what'd be mounted in a car, that can be carried in a bag for use out in the field. I've figured out the antenna and base station situation. But I'm looking for advice on how I could power the whole set up in field without access to...
  19. A strange store on Hampton beach

    Went to Hampton beach yesterday, the wal mart of beaches as I fondly refer to it. I saw a new (to me) store, "second amendment and military gifts". Inside they had a few pro 2a shirts, but an uncomfortable about if anti shirts as well. "**** the NRA" and a shirt with the word "ban" written in...
  20. New paint job

    Got tired of boring black. Tried my hand at some camo painting.
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