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  1. Man gets sucker punched, pulls out weapons and kills the perp… You Decide…

    Do judges have that authority? I understood it to be that the prosecutor is the one who adds a lesser charge or not.
  2. Supreme Court - NYSRPA v. Bruen - Megathread

    The radio shack one got me
  3. Best Gun Laws in The Nation

    So, what happens when they see all my posts are either kittens drinking coffee, or squirrels drinking coffee, or dogs being, well, dogs? (I love my animal memes)
  4. AR Question

    She wouldn't mind, mostly... she want's her own AR.
  5. AR Question

    I have a big closet, with a sturdy door that I can lock up like a (not really, but kinda sorta) vault. They can be like bunnies, I wouldn't mind... :rolleyes:
  6. AR Question

    Sorry, I probably should have added /s Only on my 3rd cup of coffee, so not fully awake.
  7. AR Question

    I don't see the problem???
  8. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    So, THAT'S why Jimmy Walker kept saying Dynomite... (I know it's an A..)
  9. What are you getting yourself for Christmas?

    Got this for myself got this for my gf (she thinks I got it for myself, it's a surprise)
  10. Convenience store owner shot to death in Fall River, police release image of suspect

    I work in Boston and take the train home after. There are many times you'll see someone wearing a backpack on their front, and for quite a few reasons (don't want someone on a crowded train taking anything out of it, make some room for others on a crowded train, sitting and not wanting to worry...
  11. Things People Tell You ...

    Any citation on a law being amended or repealed with be in the MGL. If there is no citation in the MGL, then the law stands as is. Now, your cop friend may have "heard" that they were planning on changing parts of it, or repealing it completely, and had assumed it was a done deal (IF that was...
  12. How will the new SCOTUS case change MA LTC Approva

    My response here seems applicable here
  13. NY SCOTUS case and NJ licensing?

    If NY losses, I would imagine that NJ and the other states will continue as is, unless the SCOTUS opinion is specific enough to where it effectively voids the "need" portion of the application universally. Even then, I can see these states not changing anything until/unless they are hit with...
  14. New Folks Check In and Say Hi #4

    Not entirely new (joined in 2016), but I much rather lurk. My employer claims I'm a security "specialist" (whatever that means) but I'm more of a glorified babysitter. I enjoy sarcasm and loath talking about myself, so, this is probably the most I'll type. Thank you for being here, this is...
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