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  1. "The Modernity of Peshawar" AKA "Ben goes to Pakistan" plenty more in the article. [laugh] [mg]
  2. the newest offering from hi-point

    i want it. i need it. put it inside me. tl;dr:
  3. umlaut arms - RANT

    i'm a stupid idiot and shouldn't even be having to head out to hooksett when i could be sitting on my porch drinking beer today. the back story here is that awhile back i saw these nifty lowers show up on reddit's guns page, usually known for sucking and the bi-weekly "hey reddit so i just had...
  4. i guess not everything on reddit is lame (AR-15 lower)

    ripped right out of a post on their "guns" section: i emailed them because i can't resist something this stupid and i haven't spent a cent on myself since november. this is my reward.
  5. defense distributed's "october surprise" i want it.
  6. Two stamp pony rodeo

    I love the government so much that my one rifle cost $400 more than it should have because I willingly paid extra tax. I wonder what Uncle Sam bought with my dollars... Standard M855 ammo: Hand-loaded subsonic .223: With both...
  7. WTS battlefield 4 for PS3

    paid $47 since i bought it in MA and paid tax. will sell it for $30 shipped.
  8. super lightweight aluminum AR lower/upper 12.35oz for upper/lower set. might make life easier on you guys in MA jonesing for an AR pistol.
  9. so this happened

    11 months to the day. umlaut said two weeks for engraving, anyone know anywhere with a shorter turnaround time? ben owes me $25.
  10. sup, free staters? HK polymer mags $20 yeah, i bought four. i'm a homo.
  11. Free America culture shock, and "monadnock is awesome"

    Sorry if it's a weird angle, posting with my phone. Culture shock in free America. Look at what these awesome folks at monadnock are doing. This is amazing as back "home" in MA these people would be actively denied or restricted from firearm ownership and usage. At the very least monadnock...
  12. NFA and government furlough

    NFA branch has no examiners currently, all are furloughed. i called and spoke to them because i am trying to process my change of address on my form 1. at least no one is there to approve it and send it to the wrong place. but this also means forms are just... sitting. so FYI, folks.
  13. amending a form 1?

    well, i did it. i'm escaping MA, and i know that i am not going to get my form 1 back within a week from today. so... what do? can i amend the current form that i have submitted to reflect the new city/state? i hope it doesn't start the counter all over again...
  14. covering a rifle rail with magpul XTM panels

    sup /nes/, i have a need to spend money, but i don't have a lot of money to spend. i want to cover my KAC rifle-length rail system with magpul XTM panels, but i have no idea how many to buy. each set covers one side of a carbine rail, so there's that. start with four sets, then add a bit to...
  15. when you thought you've seen everything

    French MAS 308 7.62 x 51 : Semi Auto Rifles at mother of god.
  16. NLRG august pin shoot - *CANCELLED*

    i'm going to be out of town for this weekend, the august pin shoot is cancelled at the club. please get the word out if you know people planning on attending.
  17. yet another MAIG member arrested

    full story: Carrboro mayor among 150 arrested protesting North Carolina legislature - Syndicated News Services
  18. local reporter documents their permit application process

    dude came from a free state, well you're in for a surprise here! here's a little gem from king demoura of fitchburg: or... you're ****ing-a right, and that's the only reason they should give you. in fact, no one should have to give a reason. mini-mussolini. wow. the article is not...
  19. WTS 16" rims/tires - 4x100 pattern

    i would like $500 cash. these are located in north central MA, local pickup only. pics:
  20. form 1/4 and caliber designation

    been reading the ATF may not approve forms marked "multi", can anyone confirm/debunk this? i can get a cheap lower from aero, but it's marked "multi".
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