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  1. Do you HAVE to allow an armed IRS agent in your house?

    They want that $610 you made on the tag sale last summer so they can tax it and take it all.
  2. Got pulled over yesterday; first time while carrying.

    Okay time for another true story from me. I was on vacation in Japan and while there I bought a few things to take home and if you know my warped sense of humor you would understand my purchasing a ladies pleasure 'wand' if you know what I mean. Hey it was an impulse buy and had anime characters...
  3. Got pulled over yesterday; first time while carrying.

    Not men, cops. We have a huge cop problem in this country and too many stupid people.
  4. More police protecting and serving

    Popped up on Jimmy Dore today:
  5. Got pulled over yesterday; first time while carrying.

    Is there a legal standard of luminosity of a car light? Because pulling someone over for a light that is actually working but dim probably still meets the legal definition. But this just sounded like another one of those MSP side of the road fishing expeditions that they are world famous for...
  6. Surprised he wasn’t charged with NFA violation

    Meh, then we find out 8 years from now that the cop was really crooked, planted the gun, the whole thing was a frame up over not sharing some drug money. The guy gets out of prison, comes here and asks about getting an LTC and we all collectively go "Where you been all my life?".
  7. Maryland gun store looted on Black Friday, thieves allegedly took 'long guns'

    I can see the ads writing themselves already: For sale, MD compliant AR with barely 50 rounds on it. Used mainly for drive bys in Baltimore. Looking to upgrade is reason for selling. Serial number is missing but we can decide on a new one at time of sale. Can be easily converted to MA...
  8. Facebook Concerned that Preppers are Extremists

    Just go to mewe if you want canning and food preservation info.
  9. Still think there's no mandatory minimum?

    I really hate the criminal justice system in this state. I'd only serve on a jury just to nullify. Overpaid dingbats run the entire system.
  10. MA Cannon license

    Omigod another Viper owner! I didn't even see the cannon lol.
  11. Natick Mall Firearms K9

    Who wastes their time at the mall? They only have stores now that target teenagers. There's literally nothing I would want in a mall. I went to my local mall just because I wanted to walk and because they have a hobby lobby. I didn't even feel like buying a Starbucks coffee when I was there. I...
  12. Biden’s FBI Announces that Certain Gun Purchases Will Be Delayed Starting Next Week

    Making a kid wait 10 days when and let's honest, the shooters would have flown through background checks isn't proving anything. If they're hell bent on shooting up a school what difference does it make between tomorrow or a week from now?
  13. Biden’s FBI Announces that Certain Gun Purchases Will Be Delayed Starting Next Week

    This pre-crime stuff is really the stuff of totalitarian regimes. Whether it's background checks as a sign of future behavior, stop and frisk, you name it. It's making a 'connect the dot' puzzle out of anyone no matter one's life experience.
  14. Biden’s FBI Announces that Certain Gun Purchases Will Be Delayed Starting Next Week

    The dems got them by tacking on an Obamacare era pharmacy clawback bill that would actually make prescription medication more affordable for the average person but every single time it's about to go into effect it's been repealed by congress, both dems and repubs have voted against it because...
  15. Florida traveler stuffs gun into vagina and tries to join mile high club

    I guess it was a chicken vagina, at least from the pictures, it was very vagina-esque in appearance.
  16. Mare's Leg

    I didn't think it was possible to get one in MA but I would love to have one.
  17. Any other FFL owners get a call from the boston globe?

    You don't know how this works.... 1. Democrat does bad thing 2. Media runs interference and downplays the story prior to the election 3. Democrat gets elected 4. Months later scandal is revealed 5. People complain, 'why didn't you tell me before I voted'? 6. Media just says yeah not really a...
  18. CT governor wants "grandfather clause" eliminated and existing "assault weapons" confiscated

    Hey we need powerful weapons out here because we have huge dragons flying around [rofl]
  19. More police protecting and serving

    I'm just saying that here's a couple of cops who seriously belong in jail right now:
  20. Colorado GOP Rep. Boebert accused by California Democrat of harboring a ‘gun fetish’

    Wow and I thought those were cup holders. I see that I feel very amateur-ish.
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