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  1. WTS Custom Glock 34

    Brand new custom Glock34, Trijicon SRO, true glow night sights, $1500 will follow all state and federal laws
  2. WTB G17 frame

    Looking for a Glock17 Gen3 Black Frame...
  3. Shadow 2 OR

    I’ve seen different answers all over the Internet as far as the CZ shadow 2 optics ready is USPSA carry Optics legal.. some say it’s over the weight requirements. But from what I’ve read it’s production legal.. I want to shoot it in CO
  4. SW1911TA

    Hi everyone , I just picked up a new sw1911ta, beautiful firearm!! Love it.. Just a little disappointed at 15 feet it shoots about an inch to the left.. Now I realize that's a sign of trigger control, so I called a friend with a ransom rest, clamped it in and still left..tweaked the rear sight ...
  5. Smith, Ruger or Sig.

    If you had a choice of a S&W e-series ,Ruger SR1911 or a Sig 1911 all full size which one would it be, and why..... [grin]
  6. FTF issue with Ruger sr1911

    Was doing this with roundball and semiwadcutter, after I buffed frame ramp and barel ramp it feeds ball just fine but the wadcutters are still getting hung up... Tried different mags also.... Any ideas what to try next
  7. A little aggravated

    I'm a new graduate of Souter-ricks Home safety and basic pistol instructor course.. (Rick is an Excellent Teacher) Anyways I sent an email to my local range NBRG, to find out how they wanted to be listed on my insurance.. I was informed that the By-law of 1 guest at a time would apply to me...
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