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  1. WTS S&W 4003TSW 40Tactical in NH. $475

    Selling my 4003TSW Tactical in Fotay. Former Atlanta PD gun. Stainless slide, Alloy frame. 2 Mags. In New Hampshire, don't have a clue if it's on the Ma. "list". Terms: $475 CASH, FTF, if I don't personally know you, have a NH CC permit, otherwise it's an FFL transaction. Location: Salem NH...
  2. WTS Ruger SP101 3" 357 Mag $500 in NH

    Selling my Ruger SP101 357 3" 5 shot revolver to fund another toy. Nice condition, Hogue grips. Have no idea if it is on the Ma. "list". Terms" $500 CASH, no trades. FTF if I know you, or you have a NH P&R License. Otherwise...FFL Location: Salem NH Contact" PM All State and Fedeal Laws will be...
  3. Looking for a good small revolver

    Ruger SP101 for the win. Cough cough....will be putting one up for sale tomorrow.;)
  4. Preferred 5.56 SBR length

    I have a 7" PSA Marauder pistol that is a blast to shoot! Throws a nice fireball, and pisses off the Fudds at the range at the same time!
  5. Trail camera thread. Post ur trail camera photos.

    Shoulda been in my stand instead of busy putting the turkey on the Webber!
  6. NH firearms license

    Tell THAT to a judge in a civil action!
  7. Deals and steals

    .223 for about .35 a round, shipped! Pay the $10 for membership to get the discount, and then cancel in 3 months.
  8. NH firearms license

    If I am selling a firearm FTF, I require a NH permit if I don't know the person. Otherwise, it's an FFL on THEM! Likewise, I've been asked for mine while making a private purchase. Some guys cry about it, too Fng bad,
  9. WPD 91-106 S&W 5906

    I have a 5903 TSW that came from the Atlanta PD, apparently a lot of PD's used them a while back.
  10. Vermont Deputy shot 10 times by police after being attacked by armed men

    How many slugs went down the street? Total shitshow by the cops.
  11. Natick Mall Firearms K9

    Private Property, they can trespass you for any reason.
  12. Deals and steals

    Palmetto State Armory .223/5.56 Black Nitride Fully Auto BCG $47.99 Plus...
  13. Charging LEOs to use Club Range

    This is in NH, so no reason to check "compliance".
  14. Do you still have your first gun?

    My dad bought me an Ithaca model 66 Supersingle lever action .410 shotgun back in '68. $35 brand new. I was deadly with it, shooting doves and quail. Did a couple of doubles on doves. Moved up to an old model 12 Winchester 12 gauge my grandfather gave me eventually, and was even MORE deadly. Now...
  15. Deals and steals

    Paid that for one with just one mag. Love it!
  16. Lead concerns in backyard range

    Double environmental disaster: Lead AND creosote!
  17. NH - Indictments for Guns

    Uh, yesterday, some shitbag shot a truck driver to death at the entrance of the Mall of NH in Manchester. Had a Swedish first name if I recall.
  18. What's the oldest carry ammo you have in your CCW?

    I get to the range about every other month, carry a RIA 1911 9mm compact, so I dump the mag first round of shooting.
  19. Market in the toilet who’s buying?

    Just put 30k into them. 10 each, wifey, me and the DBA!
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