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  1. Deals and steals

    Arcturus wool blankets (they also sell ghillie suits). I just bought 2 of them last week, normally $38 or $45 depending on the pattern or lack of it. I'm happy with them, might buy a couple more. Their Black Friday deal is 20% off everything on the website, and as always... orders over $50 ship...
  2. Best .22LR for pistol on predator

    Target Sports has it in stock - so does Larry, who also has free shipping on orders over $49 500 rounds with shipping and tax for just under $100.
  3. 60 Minutes had a piece on Preppers

    That’s me, red shirt, second from the end on the left
  4. 60 Minutes had a piece on Preppers

    My takeaway was they were suggesting the masses prepare for 2 weeks on their own.
  5. 60 Minutes had a piece on Preppers

    hmmmm. 60 Minutes just had a pretty reasonable piece on Preppers. Talked with the guy who runs ''. Seemed to me to be encouraging folks to prepare. I've also been seeing an online article telling folks they should be putting back ~$2,000 in case of a 'national emergency'. This is...
  6. Disney Area Gun Shops/Ranges

    You must be joking - I can't believe you've been on this forum since 2010 and don't know who Carl is.
  7. Best .22LR for pistol on predator

    I carry every day when I walk my dog, specifically for coyotes. This past summer I carried 10 rounds of Velocitor. When that story came out about the guy and his dog being surrounded by multiple coyotes, I switched to .38spl Hornady.
  8. After Massachusetts dog walker surrounded by pack of coyotes, police offer tips

    At this point, any time of day that I walk my dog I'm carrying. I stay on main roads after dark, too. Try to get our long walks in during daylight, and in well traveled areas. I agree, if it's between my dog or Wiley, there's no choice there. We need to get trapping back, it might be getting...
  9. LCR Range Report 22lr - trouble with extraction

    Thanks, Matt! Glad things went well with your new gun :-) Was it worth the wait? I like Aguila, but if it never works in my LCR it's not the end of the world. I'll just stick with other ammo.
  10. LCR Range Report 22lr - trouble with extraction

    Well played, Sherlock! 8-)
  11. LCR Range Report 22lr - trouble with extraction

    Yes I did, why do you ask?
  12. LCR Range Report 22lr - trouble with extraction

    Took my new LCR 22lr to the range today. Didn't get around to cleaning it first. I had Aguila Super Extra, CCI Mini-Mag and CCI Velocitor. I started with a cylinder of Aguila, it shot fine but I couldn't budge the extractor rod to remove the shell casings. I had to pry them out with a...
  13. It's 2022 - anyone still carrying a revolver?

    Just bought a Ruger LCR 22lr on GB last night. Can't wait to give it a whirl. Revolvers are great, but then so are semi-automatics. It's like apples and oranges - both good in their own/different ways.
  14. Ron DeSantis sends two planes of illegal immigrants to Martha's Vineyard

    I saw a couple stating that they like it, they want to stay (translated), they're happy with being shipped there. No shit! Who wouldn't want to live all expenses paid on MV?
  15. Dog attack - How would you handle?

    Nothing like a bad dog owner to ruin it for everyone. I had a GSD that was a total teddy bear, once when walking him on a leash in our neighborhood park a Rottweiler came charging at us and snarling, off leash, ignoring his owner who was half-heartedly calling him. I put my hand under my coat on...
  16. Ruger LCP II .22lr Report

  17. Ruger LCP II .22lr Report

    De nada, Matt. Mine arrived today too.
  18. Ruger LCP II .22lr Report

    Yep, Freightsale's the source. This brings me up to 4 mags. I'm thinking I'll pick up another 500 rounds of Velocitor, just in case it gets difficult to acquire.
  19. Ruger LCP II .22lr Report

    I got a 2-pack for $44 (includes tax and shipping) on Ebay. Thanks for the tip Matt!
  20. Ruger LCP II .22lr Report

    Good idea! I just ordered a two-pack of Ruger mags. I've been carrying it without any spares.
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