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  1. Slight glimmer of hope in California

    Last weekend the wife and I went to Palm Desert California for a celebration of life of our sister in law. Palm Desert is near Palm Springs, in Riverside County. On the way to the airport Monday morning there was a radio ad from the Riverside County Sheriff, talking about how he supports your...
  2. Karma for Peterborough

    Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch... and here's the official town press release...
  3. Getting a CWP in Florida...

    Just so you know, Mass isn't the only place with sucky license delay issues. Had lived in NH, had my license for years. Less than two week turn around, easy peasy. Moved to Colorado, only hassle in getting a license was I had to take a safety class and then get finger printed, which they did a...
  4. This day in history

    A story for today- 75 years ago- 26 January 1945, Colmar pocket, France. Audie Murphy, named that day as company commander, ordered his men to fall back in the face of a German attack, then climbed onto a burning M10 Tank Destroyer to fire it's machine gun on an attacking company. He killed or...
  5. Mass shooting in Germany

    Unpossible- they have strict gun laws and this only happens in the USA due to lax gun laws...
  6. Afghanistan report- US government has misled the public for 20 years

    The initial report is in The Washington Post, which does a paywall and since it's notoriously left wing I'd rather not give web hits to. They are calling it "The Afghanistan Papers" as usual older lefties trading on past "glories". This is a related article from the New York Post- Afghanistan...
  7. Today's Guilty or Not Guilty

    Woman with outstanding warrant for drug charge, tries to buy gun at Bass Pro accompanied by a male with a "large bag" of blow....
  8. Anti gun initiative proposed in California... Ugh. Wonder where are the folks who screamed that rights shouldn't be put to popular vote (Prop 8) will say about this... oh wait we know. [sad]
  9. Hassan to run for senate

    In a "big" surprise Maggie Hassan announces she will be running for senate, challenging Ayotte.
  10. Weare NH P&R new permit junk

    Wife went into the PD today to drop off her P&R license application. I went with her. When we picked up the blank application yesterday they had a posted sign asking you to provide reference phone numbers. Just had her fill out the information requested on the form. The receptionist asked...
  11. Go time- in Mexico???

    Looks like some citizens of mexico are sick of being defenseless- or of government incompetence. Or both. It would appear they are close to a civil war.
  12. Boneheads target shooting just off I-93 in Manchester NH

    and get arrested for their efforts- Four arrested after firing gunshots off I-93 | New Hampshire NEWS03 Suspects arrested after reports of shots fired | Local News - WMUR Home interesting to see what the charges will be....
  13. Fricking whiny moon bats in my town-

    Originally one neighbor was whining- looks like he dragged a few more in Garage-to-gun business irks neighbors in Weare | New Hampshire NEWS06 [frown]
  14. Clambag noise complaints- article in the Union Leader

    Saw this article online- the article is pretty one sided, the comments are good
  15. Another happy ending from New Hampshire [grin]
  16. Don't go down the stairs with a loaded gun?????

    Just saw this one, it seems kind of strange...
  17. Fort Constitution Arms Collectors Show- Concord NH May 19th

    Saw an ad for this, figured I'd post it to get the word out... May 19th in Concord NH at the Bektash Shrine Hall.
  18. Charges dropped against Farmington NH man

    Looks like some sanity finally came through... (the original thread was closed)
  19. Mass man faces charges in NH road rage incident...

    Ok... pointing a gun at someone on the highway, while you are driving without a license... Winning... or not.
  20. Days like today-

    Remind me of the phrase... "He needed killing" FU sideways OBL [halfmast] to the honored dead Many thanks Seal Team 6
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