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  1. WTS .

  2. WTS ADM QD Mount

    ADM QD 30 mm low mount $150 PM if interested. PayPal, Venmo or cash. I ship free
  3. WTS Sig Romeo 8

    As pictured, like new condition with no blemishes and works perfectly $500 Delivered PM here

    For sale Eotech XPS2 OPMOD As pictured it has a paint mark on one side, no other blemishes and works perfectly $450 Delivered PM here
  5. WTS Swampfox 1x10 with QD Mount

    For sale is a Swampfox 1x10 Scope includes American Defense QD Mount. PM if interested. PayPal or Venmo $550
  6. This is disturbing yet hilarious

    This bitch had the nerve to write this. A Texas state rep mind you.
  7. Barrel nut question

    Long story short I replaced my free float rail with another and don’t have the proper barrel nut to fit the rail. I’ve heard that you can use flashing around the existing barrel nut to make the rail snug then torque the 2 bolts to make it work. Does anyone know if this will work? I would simply...
  8. WTS Center Industries AR15 Pre Ban 30 round mags External Date, New in package

    Center Industries External Dated 3/92 30 Round Mags Brand New in package. All 3 for $200. PayPal or cash. PM here All laws followed.
  9. WTS Nitecore P12 Flashlight, Victorinox Alox Farmer knife, Troy front handgrip

    Selling some random things here. PM here or email at [email protected] if interested, PayPal, prices include shipping. Victorinox Alox Orange Farmer - SOLD Nitecore P12 Flashlight $45, Troy Front Hangrip $45 choose Black or FDE.
  10. McPherson Firearms

    Give these guys a look, they are right down the street from the Sig Store. They are a good group of dudes and they offer gunsmith services, I had a few things done for me and it was top notch service as well as very reasonable. A decent selection of rifles, not much ammo as of now but like...
  11. WTS 10 inch BCM Keymod Rail

    Accessories shown are included, you get exactly what’s in the picture. Castle Nut and attachments. $125 Shipped. PM here
  12. WTS 1 & 2 point slings

    For sale is 1 point and 2 point slings. The 1 point slings are Blue Force I think, I can’t remember as I bought these years ago. The 2 point are Proctor slings. $20 each PM here. PayPal. FDE 1 point sling is SOLD
  13. From one old soldier to another

    I want to give a big shout out to @Skysoldier. As some of you guys know he is a Vietnam Veteran and through the years we have spoken a few times via PM since he knows my Father was a Marine In Vietnam back in 1968 as a grunt. My father is a F’ked up Individual from his time over there, becoming...
  14. Let’s see the hard use beaters

    I respect fellow knife collectors however I’m a guy who uses my knives rather than buy them and not use them. Let’s see some beaters! Here is my workhorse the Cold Steel Recon 1, it’s too big for EDC but I do carry it from time to time if I’m in the woods or need it at work otherwise it’s...
  15. New-acquisitions- September -2018

    Basically a copy of my last build, FN barrel, Magpul, BCM Furniture, went with an Aero BCG this time
  16. Range day with a couple things popping up

    Me and some buddies hit the range today and had a blast shooting rifle and handgun. My buddy was shooting Tula 5.56, for me personally I never run steel cased ammo through my AR’s and I told him that when he offered me a loaded mag. Well we are both blasting away when his gun goes down, it’s a...
  17. Machete, Chopper, large Blades

    So I just got back from a camping trip, I took with me a multi tool, a folder and my Esee 6. I decided that I really had no use for the Esee 6 mainly because it was terrible at chopping limbs and getting branches and sticks ready for firewood. I sold the Esee 6 on Ebay and bought the Ontario...
  18. New Acquisitions: July 2018

    Just picked this up yesterday, brand new Gen 4 Glock 20
  19. Membership renewal

    Hi I just checked my paypal and it's says I paid for my yearly renewal to Derek Hoskins yet I just got a PM saying my membership runs out 7/30? Can someone check this please? I can post a screen shot of my PayPal
  20. Just went green again

    My favorite place on the 'Net to be. Thanks to everyone for keeping this awesome site going
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