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  1. Check your long term shelves when you check your stored food

    A check of the pantry this weekend....I bought the 'heavy duty' plastic shelves from Home Depot years ago. Some came from my last house, so some date from before 2010. I have added more units as storage has expanded. The instruction manual at the time of purchase said the 18" wide shelves...
  2. School me on thermal scopes

    Has anyone here bought one of the ATN thermal scopes? I am looking to further diversify my rifle optics and I think the time for one is...coming up on now.
  3. Retired Lowell LEO takes the 5th on gun theft

    ...and the yutes involved skate..... I wonder how long one if us would keep an LTC if we 'resisted' the prosecution Charges against Lowell teens dropped in gun-theft case
  4. Eric church blames NRA for Las Vegas shooting

    fvck him. and fvck his calls for 'gun control' legislation Eric Church says NRA is to blame for Las Vegas festival mass shooting
  5. MJ and CC?

    So settle a bet. MA has decided that possession of under 1 ounce of MJ is now legal. Whether you agree or not, it is the current law. I got into an argument with a pot consuming acquaintance that if you were detained by local PD or MSP with a legal amount of MJ on your person and a concealed...
  6. Any of you mounted a scope on an M1 Carbine?

    One of the most frustrating things about getting older is diminished visual acuity. I recently bought a c.1943 M1 Carbine. I find it entertaining to shoot, but reaching out to 100 yards and further to shoot it is just past my ability to see. [frown] Have any of you put a scope on one? I see a...
  7. Private Purchase long rifle ME to MA

    If I buy a C&R long rifle in ME from a private party, can I legally transport it from ME to MA and have an FFL do the 4473 and eFA-10 once it's back in MA?
  8. Chicken-killing racoon

    so...other than a trap, what's the quietest way to kill a racoon? It literally tore the stapled to PT chicken wire off their enclosed run, pried the (electrically) shut chicken door open and killed 2 and grievously injured another of my hens tonight. (just now). Son of a bitch got my best layer...
  9. ND at NRA Headquarters

  10. Scope for M&P 15 with A2 front site

    My neighbor has an M&P 15 with an A2 front site, and is looking to put a scope on it. Is there a way to get enough elevation on the rail to get a he center of the scope over the front site? Not necessarily looking for co-witness, just a working scope mount
  11. Transfer of 1989 AR-15 from CT to MA

    So an acquaintance of mine has a model year 1989 Colt AR-15. He live(d) in MA when he bought it, but has since moved to to CT. He neglected (due to FUDDery, not civil disobedience) to 'register' it during the period after the post Sandy Hook law was passed. He has no permit of any kind in...
  12. No more private AR 'copycat'' transfers in MA? Am I fvcking reading this right? She 'changed the FAQ' again?
  13. Optic on a Sub2000?

    Has anyone here in the NES brain trust mounted an optic on a Sub2000? 9MM The (plastic) irons aren't doing it for me. Also, besides the recoil pad, has anyone bought an upgrade that they considered a good add? School me on Sub2000's, NES Brain Trust.....
  14. How long will your ears ring?

    So let's say hypothetically that you decided to go to the range today and shoot a large caliber a Barrett, for instance. Let's say you were careful, assembled your rifle, walked down the 100 yards and posted targets, dialed your irons for 100 meters, and carefully and deliberately...
  15. What scope for a Barrett?

    I have tracking on my M82A1, and I expect to have it in my hands for the weekend. [smile] Been saving for this a long time. I didn't get a package with the scope, so now I'm in the market for one. I will at some point hopefully get to Harvard, where the max distance is 300 yards. Up in NH...
  16. Helping new shooter

    I have a neighbor who just got his LTC. He's experiencing a hard time figuring out which is his dominant eye, and when he 'closes one eye', his groups are all far to the right. The group isn't bad, but it's way off to the right He has been shown sight picture, has a pretty good (Cloverleaf...
  17. Best OC/Pepper spray that I can put in my hands by 3PM tomorrw

    I have to make an unexpected trip behind enemy lines, where I cannot carry. Can anyone give me an idea where I can get some good OC? Like between Natick and Worcester please?
  18. Holster Pop?

    They're going off without even coming out of the holster now?
  19. Anyone use Magpul MBUS Gen2 sights?

    They're on sale at Brownell's for 69.99, thinking about them for the kids' AR builds as backups for their red dots...
  20. Buying a used firearm

    Just curious. If you buy a not-new firearm, file the eFA-10, and it is later determined that it was lost/stolen/used in a crime before you took (supposedly) legal possession, what is your exposure? Receiving stolen goods? A reasonable man would think if you verified legal LTC status of seller...
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