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  1. Looking for service information

    Hey guys figured this was the best place to ask. I am wondering if there is a way/place where I can look up service information about my grandfather. He passed away when I was little and I don't know much about him. I know he was in the USMC and served during WW2 but aside from that nothing...
  2. WTB 6.5 PRC ammo

    Looking for a box or two of 6.5PRC ammo for a coworker. Moron bought a new rifle and can't find ammo for it. Let me know what you have and how much. Worcester area please.
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  4. New acquisitions November 2020-Firearms only

    Been wanting another 1911 since getting rid of my first and only one. Springfield Range Officer Operator 9mm
  5. Great Road Firearms

    Had the pleasure of going there yesterday for a transfer which was only $10 might I add. The shop was very nice, had a ton of preban rifles and had a good inventory of other firearms and ammo, good prices as well. Everyone there was incredibly nice and friendly, especially to my 4yr old son who...
  6. Dillon carbide dies or..?

    Those of you with Dillon machines, are you using Dillon dies or anything else? I have a lot of RCBS, Hornady and Lee die sets and I would hate to have to buy more of the same. What are you using? If not Dillon, any issues? The one thing I noticed is my RCBS dies almost seem too short.
  7. Rhode Island bans "ghost guns"

    Did a quick search and didn't see this posted, how soon until MA does this?
  8. Center hold vs. 6 o'clock

    I was doing some reading regarding a new pistol I have and it said to use a 6 oclock hold, the sights were already set before I got it for a center hold so I didn't mess with them. I understand the concept of both but why one vs. the other? I read some people prefer 6 for bullseye shooting which...
  9. 7.62x51 Headspace Gauges

    Been looking and reading upon headspace Gauges for my FAL and CETME-C build and honestly my brain hurts. For the FAL recommended HS is 1.632 but the Forester GO gauge is 1.635 and NOGO is 1.645 which is HUGE. Their .308 set is 1.630GO and 1.634 NOGO, I know a few of you guys have built 7.62...
  10. .308 battle rifles

    One of the few things I don't have and want are a classic .308 battle rifle. Looking at FAL, HK91/C308/PTR, and more specifically I was eye balling a Springfield M1A. Just looking for...
  11. Bench rests?

    Going to be shooting a lot more rifle soon and figured I'd work on equipment and such. What are you using for a bench rest? I've seen the foam x blocks and such. What do you guys like or dislike? Not looking to spend a fortune but looking for something that can be pretty repeatable. I shoot...
  12. What to build next?**Imbel FAL**

    Hey guys, been wanting to do a new build recently and tossed around a few ideas but I'm looking for some suggestions. I've considered a RPK, HK91, 1911, UZI 16" carbine as the front runners but looking for other suggestions. The one thing I am trying to avoid is some of the oddball caliber...
  13. WTT G23 U notch

    Picked up a G23 U notch magazine last year on here and completely forgot the U notch doesn't work well with the Gen 4 I have. Looking to trade for one square notch magazine or a G22 mag. Also willing to trade for some .45ACP or .22LR ammo. One bump and if it doesn't move I'll take it down
  14. What to build?

    Looking to build something new, just not sure what. I've wanted a HK91 for a while but could never pull the trigger with the price of the jig kits. I was looking at RPKs but I doubt the queen would like that one either. So what else out there is a good build?
  15. Pullman Arms stopping sales

    From their FB page: AS OF the close of the business on Saturday, September 16, 2017, Pullman Arms will be refocusing our business to concentrate 100% of our energy and vision on gun-smithing and firearms transfers. Pullman Arms will no longer sell new or used firearms. Why? It was a...
  16. Best uses for HS6?

    I have a pound jug I bought for a customer who decided they didn't want it after all. Did some quick looking around and it seems to be popular in FAST 9mm and such. Just curious if anyone here uses it and for what? It looks like a decent powder for my .357 SIG.
  17. Nobel sport vectan powder

    Anyone here use it before? I have a opportunity at some bulk for a cheap price. Looked up the load data but figured I'd see what the masses say. I'm pretty well stocked but this is a very good deal.
  18. Anyone use the new CFE BLK powder yet?

    Like the title says, anyone use it yet? Ive had really good results with CFE pistol and CFE 223 and considering picking this up for my .300AAC since it was formulated around it and 6.8SPC as they say it works well in it.
  19. Help ID some trouble AR magazines

    Picked up some AR 30rd magazines in trade with a member here and was looking for info on them, mainly because they fit and feed like dog crap. They have ZERO markings on them at all. They fit very tight into the magwell but they do lock in. Also the followers do not engage the bolt catch, from...
  20. How to tell if a AR is over or under gassed?

    Have a new AR build Ive been playing with lately and while there has only been one hiccup, I am wondering if the gas system can be tuned more to improve on anything. This is my first AR, let alone one I built. So how would I know if it is over or under gassed? My brass is ejecting normal...
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