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  1. Army & Marine Corps are checking their M16s for dangerous glitch?

    Just saw this on LinkedIn because it was recommended to me on my feed. The Army and Marine Corps are checking their M4s and M16s for a dangerous glitch Its funny how they dont mention what manufacturer that is involved with this issue. Anyone know more info, is it Colt or FN...? Im guessing...
  2. Youtube has gone Full Retard on Firearm Channels - NOT Good!

    This is absolutely nuts. Listen as The Gun Collective explains. View:
  3. Home shooting range and lead build up?

    Anyone have experience building a 100 yard shooting range on their property that is also the property where you live? My concern is that lead will build up and leach into the groundwater. And since my water comes from a drilled well, this could be an issue down the road. I do have a whole house...
  4. WTS Flex King 6" Stainless Steel Chimney Liner Cap

    $40 - Flex King 6" Stainless Steel Chimney Cap - Brand new never used. This cap is intended to slip over and to clamp to the outside diameter of a top plate adapter. Top cover/canopy is round with pleads not rectangular like some others out there. Located in Rockingham County NH. PM me if...
  5. WTS Onkyo 7.2 Home Theater system

    $800 - Onkyo 7.2 Home Theater system with JBL tower speakers and dual powered sub woofers includes Polk audio dipole/bipole surrounds and Yamaha center channels. Cost new of all the components was approx. $5000. If you want a serious home theater sound look no further. Located Rockingham...
  6. Filling out FA-10 for out of state transfer?

    Spoke with a person at CHSB over the phone today and got some very interesting information. I asked him about out of state transfers to a valid FFL holder. And i told him theres no way to do such a thing via E-Fa-10. He told me those transactions would require you to fill out a paper FA-10...
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  8. Ring inside Benelli barrel

    Went thru and was cleaning my 2 benelli semi autos today and as i was admiring the finish on the beautiful chrome lining these fine shotguns have, i noticed a distinct black ring that looks to hold fouling and does not want to give it up. The rest of the barrel and chamber look and feel like the...
  9. Any NRA Golden Eagles on here?

    Anybody know what the NRA Golden Eagle membership ($200) is all about? Looks to me as just another way to ask for money from an already Life member and long time regular member with the promise of more free gifts. Got an envelope today with a letter that states i have been nominated for the...
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  12. Why aren't my posts being deleted?

    i have edited several classified ads of mine that i have sold to "delete - sold" but how come they are not getting flushed out as fast as they use to? they all are still up.
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  15. Anyone know where i can get one of these?

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  16. Karl Nill/Griffe Grips?

    are there any shops in MA that stocks Karl Nill grips, i would like to get a set for my S&W 627 V-COMP and try them out in person, instead of just guessing what i want online since they are pretty pricey grips. im thinking i would like the feel of the open back style verus the closed back...
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  18. Anti-gun sign up at Fenway

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