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  1. Mass shooting @ Baptist church Sutherland Springs, Texas

    His LinkedIn info got a screenshot somewhere ! Regarding his Likes/about me stuff. CNN, Social Justice, Cats ... stuff like that - I' got the impression "serious Democrat" ... the screenshot going around with the Antifa Logos seem to be Fake. Conspiracy site with no second confirmation.
  2. Mass shooting @ Baptist church Sutherland Springs, Texas

    as you were. Tried to reply to Antifa screenshot. It's not real.
  3. Sig 1911

    I bought one at 4 Seasons a few years ago.
  4. Go bag / Bug out bag

    Anybody weigh this pile of stuff yet ? Then see if it fits in the bag ? Then carried it until they had to stop ? And I fail to see coffee. If the EOTWAWKI starts before coffee it's gonna have to damn wait a minute.
  5. Knife vs gun 21 foot rule.

    If anyone actually plans to , like , try it in training , try this : once or twice just race the guy , in place , to draw and fire a ( safe/simulated/air soft/don't-be-stupid) pistol vs knife @21'. Lose most likely. Then try it with a little more pro-active physicality. Against a right handed...
  6. Panic Buying

    buy some stuff on a disciplined plan to satisfy your personal minimum. Do it now if you haven't already. Because : Why haven't you already done it ? Everything else is gravy and uneccesary. .... Panic buying and shortages are coming , because they always do whether it's an election , mass...
  7. .

    Let "the government" design and build it. They'll be ready in less than 50 years. ...
  8. Martin burns public range

    I just spent 45 minutes trying to get through to MEP to request they un**** this. 3 transfers ( not really , they can't do that , they just gave me numbers verbally.) to finally get the office of Lt.Brewlet (sp?) ... No one home ,mVoicemail not operational.
  9. Applessed: Harvard April 16-17 2016

    I have 5.56 brass burns on my left arm , a bit of a sunburn and a few sore muscles. I spent a the weekend with good friends , my daughter , and a crew of people who are doing something really good for America. ... And I am a better shooter today than I was on Friday. My thanks to the Appleseed...
  10. Isosceles or Weaver stance

    Ha ha ... But. Iso , weaver , boxing , karate , pre 70's knife fighting , most other sports put the strong side back , support side forward , angled stance ... Blah blah .... Unless you're one of those Bruce Lee lead hand first wierdos.
  11. Danvers Fish & Game

    The different range committees at DFG exist in an atmosphere of antagonistic behavior with each other. There is a culture of cliques and an unhealthy amount of political infighting and petty BS. As soon as your face is recognized by the "in crowd" you will get dragged in to the drama. I live...
  12. Isosceles or Weaver stance

    Same. Although I want to know everything , I have to rely on people who more than I do. One possible "pro" for Weaver I do like is the cross platform utility of the stance - works with fists , kicks , knives, sticks, athletics ...
  13. The one gun that always "wows" you

    After a range day of operating operationally , nothing clears the palate like my Model 29 and some full power 44mag sploding.
  14. hand to hand fighting

    My opinion , which is mine , is important. .... Cause it's mine , and I agree with myself. When I was 16 I got punched out , then then started training , never stopped , and am 51 now. The martial art world is full to the brim with delusional crazy. Find a gym that is fun. Keep going until it...
  15. oregon militia seizes building

    Mike Vanderboegh seems to be the most repeated elder of the Militia movement. He , and all 3% spokesmen, see to believe this is a federal set up mixed with LDS extremism of the Bundies. But he is both warning , and , calling for localized violence of independent militias if the Feds kill...
  16. Muslims and 'assault weapons'

    I missed the part where somebody wanted to ban Muslims. But , I don't have a problem with doing what jimmy carter did with Iran - stop all immigration from the area for a bit , while we adapt to the reality that some minority percentage want to kill you. it will be interesting to revisit this...
  17. Bug out/GO BAG (not in, the out)

    I have a few biggish wooden crates for bug out stuff. They are next to a pile of packs , from single sling man purse to large Alice , with a size spectrum of tactical assault packs in between. I finally realized , for me , the most sensible thing is to put the crap I want for an "event" on...
  18. Why isn't .30 carbine more popular?

    I got to babysit one for a summer a while back. Inland, with a half dozen mags. Somehow all the ammo I'd been handed for safekeeping got , uhm , lost ... Or something. I'd buy one in a heartbeat for a few hundred bucks. But they cost more than an AK , more than an AR15 , and I can't justify...
  19. EDC - where do you put all this stuff??

    I want to carry my bug out bag everywhere I go. But I don't. I made up a tactical emergency get home bag with all kinds of cool shite in it , but stripped it out to use it for dog shite ( bagged ) between appropriate places to dump it. I eventually weeded out most of the essential EOTW gear...
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