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  1. Laser engraving services ?!

    I'm down in Rehoboth.
  2. Laser engraving services ?!

    Pretty late to the post but I offer laser engraving services. Decorative, NFA and more. I do 2A stuff, promotional items, household items, tumblers, etc etc. Reach out to me through PM here.
  3. WTS 9mm ammo

  4. WTS 9mm ammo

    I have 5 4 3 cases of CCI Blazer brass 9mm that I am looking to part with. $400 per case. Cash only no trades please. Located in rehoboth but can meet between rehoboth and Middleboro down to fall river.
  5. Preban AK magazines

  6. Preban AK magazines

    Preban 30rd AK magazines. Spine back, no flats.. All in good shape. I've got 9 to part with. $30/ea Edit: 6 left. $170 for the remainder if you take all.
  7. Hunting target scope for SCAR 17s?

    Nightforce for sure .
  8. Transferring a pre-89 import ban AK into MA...

    Being pre-89, it can be in any configuration. Post-89 has to be 922r compliant. And be pre-94.
  9. Transferring a pre-89 import ban AK into MA...

    I'm in Littleton, I'll transfer it..
  10. Armslist Translations

    I've sold tons more on armslist than NES. And I've also got more no shows/tire kickers on here than Armslist... Sure there are attempted scammers but you just ignore the email and move on...
  11. online gun sales

    So much skinflinting going on around here... People are so hard up to save every god damn penny... Soon enough local shops are all going to raise the transfer fee's and stop doing local sales because you people want everything for $50 less because "online"... I get it. Competition is good. But...
  12. Ways of Buying an MP5

    Law letter is for an FFL/SOT to buy a post-86 dealer sample machinegun from another SOT who isn't going out of business. As an 07 there is 3 ways to get a machine gun, 1- build (most fun). 2- buy from SOT that is going out of business (no law letter, just form 3 which takes one to two days) 3-...
  13. Need help to identify magazine

    I had a gut feeling it was 30 carbine but don't have any to check with. This San Cristobal carbine is a funky rifle.. it's a tube receiver m1 clone
  14. Need help to identify magazine

    Phew.. good thing I'm an 07FFL and MA dealer.. I like this idea better.
  15. Need help to identify magazine

    Figured out what this is with help from a friend. It's from a San Cristobal Carbine Model 1962... looks to be a very very obscure sub-machine gun in .30carbine from the Dominican Republic. o_O
  16. Need help to identify magazine

    Ok, sounds good. Roughly how much are they worth in that case?
  17. Need help to identify magazine

    No, it looks to be the right diameter round, but it is too long. It is a double stack magazine, and would need to be some sort of thinner round. Also, Jack, I have a M3 Grease Gun mag in .45 and also a cobray mac-10 .45acp factory magazine which is I believe 10 or 20 round capacity., Jim said...
  18. Need help to identify magazine

    I've got a couple magazines here I can't seem to identify. The round next to it is a .223rem There is no markings on the body, other than round count on the back. Baseplate of one has 92-92 on it. 8" long 1 13/6" wide 7/8" deep.
  19. Recommend MA/NH Lawyer?

    Jason Guida in Saugus, MA
  20. CZ P-10C

    For the value, a Canik TP9 series gun is FAR superior to glock 19 and CZ p10. I am a huge CZ fanboy, don't get me wrong. I have a bunch. Although I absolutely hate the p10c. The Canik TP9 series has a far superior trigger, better ergonomics, and you can easily modify cheapo Beretta 92 prebans to...
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