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  1. Patriot Mobile

    Not sure if there's a thread on this yet but I saw Dana Loesch is advertising for a mobile phone company called Patriot Mobile. Plans look very competitive and they use Sprint and Verizon towers. Supposedly they donate to the NRA and other conservative group. I was wondering if anyone has an...
  2. Titanium nitride recommendations

    I'm looking to get a barrel from my m&p 45 coated in TiN. Does anyone have any recommendations on a quality company from personal experience? Thanks.
  3. Block a dealer

    Why does it tell me I can't ignore an Admin when I go to block a dealer? Very very annoying. One dealer in particular that I'm tired of them junking up the classifieds with guerilla marketing for the entirety of their store.
  4. Sig 238 LCI

    Does anyone know if MA approved model has the hole or does it have the full retard lever that protrudes form the top? Can't really find any definitive answer online. Thanks
  5. New Acquisitions October

    I'll start this show off. Just picked up my Pre-64 model 94 from rebluing from Greg Derr. Awesome awesome job. This was my wife's grandfathers rifle. We left the wood alone to give it character, but the wood is near perfect for it's age. I don't think I've ever been more excited for a firearm...
  6. Not to impressed with the Shield 9

    So I decided to get a new shield 9mm finally. Dropped it right of to my local gunsmith for some fiber optics and trigger job. Got around to going to the range and shot 50 Wolf steel case and 50 wwb. With the Wolf I had failure to eject and a failure to feed. With the wwb I had a light strike...
  7. Need some help

    Anyone of you guys have an old Blackhawk level 3 holster for a Glock 23 laying around I could buy off you? I'm trying to avoid buying new since the dept I work for is switching firearms at the new fiscal year. Figure I'd give it a shot on here. Thanks. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Best 2A "vandalism" ever at SHOT

    Credit to @soopermexican on twitter This is gold. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Shooting at Children's Hospital in WI

    Breaking news for a shooting at Children's Hospital in Milwaukee? Anyone hear anything else?
  10. Libya steals US weapons...

    Theft of US weapons in Libya involved hundreds of guns, sources say | Fox News We give away guns like they are going out of style - - - Updated - - - 100 glocks and 100 M4's plus hundreds of night vision goggles now in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood. Is it just me or is our foreign...
  11. FA-10'S and Chicago ruling

    Chicago abolishes gun registry in place since 1968 | Reuters Maybe I am missing something here, but Chicago changed their rule about having to register firearms to comply with court rulings. I guess MA thinks they are better than what's ruled in courts. Are we the only ones left that have...
  12. Glock .380's

    Why are the new Glock .380's only for LE sales according to Glock Website? Production issue maybe?
  13. Biden's number get checked.

    A Look at Joe Biden?s Seriously Sketchy Gun Claim Might be a dupe, but its nice to see fact checking...
  14. Cuomo says 2A supporters are "extremist"

    NRA affiliate vows fight as key measures of New York's tough new gun law take effect | Fox News "Yes, they are against it, but they are the extremists and the extremists shouldn't win, especially on this issue when it is so important to the majority," Cuomo said in a radio interview Wednesday...
  15. Aussies tell Obama to ban guns like them

    Unreal. So they want to tell us how to end liberty Australia's gun controls a political template for the U.S.
  16. "Get these guns off the street"

    What in the hell does that mean? I am so sick and tired of hearing this from all of these anti's. So their answer to this is to create more gun laws for LAW abiding citizens. Is it that hard to realize the "guns on streets" are not the AR's in my safe? How F'in stupid do you have to be not...
  17. Has Syria crossed Obamas line

    I'm seeing on Fox News, Syria just used a Chemical weapon on its own people. This can't end well.
  18. WTS 5.11 Taclite Waterproof Boots NIB 12W

    5.11 Taclite Waterproof Boots NIB size 12W. New in box with tags. Model shown here 5.11 Tactical Waterproof TacLite Boots | Official 5.11 Site I'm located South Shore. I will ship to green members. I am asking $100. You'll be saving 50 bucks if you bought in store. I am up for...
  19. GEARHOG has 30 Round Thermomags Deal

    GEARHOG | 50% - 70% off your favorite outdoors, hunting and fishing gear 10 for $219
  20. Is the panic slowing down?

    Judging by the classifieds section, there seems to be lot of sitting stock as far as AR's and AR accessories go. That would lead me to believe that prices should slowly start leveling off. I think the days of 400 dollar AK's and 600 dollar AR's are long gone, but at least there are signs that...
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