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  1. Looking for a good small revolver

    Get behind me ya dumb varmint....
  2. AZ - Jose Guerena Shot 60 Times By SWAT Team

    The Thanks Matt couldn't sleep last night and saw your post, so I YouTube'd Jose G, I was surprised at so little detail, or Justice. Five years ago having been branded by an inept PD (during a first stage, divorce allegation) as a 'Hi-Risk' person cuz 'military and guns', I got the full SWAT dog...
  3. She asked for it…so she got it

    Penetrating analysis Bro...
  4. In your world is there any such thing as too cold to shoot???

    I went though AIT 3rd Brigade Ft Dix in 12/65-2/66. All I remember in our run to the rifle range was a screaming DI's boot up my arse. I traced the problem to my issue of XXXL long-john bottoms and being 5'6' and 130 lbs. When the gear goes to the ankles, things went South. Effing loved Indo-China
  5. MiL House Cleanout - Bayonet. What do I have here?

    Nyet! 'Ozzie' pup crawler
  6. MiL House Cleanout - Bayonet. What do I have here?

    Causality's from artillery alone accounted for 60% of all deaths causalities. Over 800.000 fighting men were simply vaporized and never recovered
  7. I got a Browning SA-22 this week

    As a Uh-1 'Charlie' model gunner, I had a freehand M-60 and sat on the left rear of the AC. If the AC or the PP pissed the CE or me off I'd direct a load of hot brass down the neck of the deserving party. Strapped in and in armored seats they had to suck it up the heat.....😂
  8. Still think there's no mandatory minimum?

    Should have re-charged him for destroying State
  9. MiL House Cleanout - Bayonet. What do I have here?

    Must have been fun going over the top WWI...
  10. MiL House Cleanout - Bayonet. What do I have here?

  11. Derr Precision Man Candy Colt

    My full size 1911 needs a baby brother 🥲 A beauty Gregg!
  12. Vermont Deputy shot 10 times by police after being attacked by armed men

    From the world of hard to believe...
  13. W

  14. Veterans Day 2022

    I was doing Jeep M-60 convoy escort around Dau Tieng. One kid about 8 years old came up to the road berm looking for a freebie, so I tossed him a can of Ham and Mothers, he couldn't read but knew a bum deal when he saw it. He pitched the can back at me just missing my head like he was Nolan Ryan...
  15. Veterans Day 2022

    Made in
  16. Veterans Day 2022

  17. Could you help me put a value on this Browning rifle.

    Pic gone, understand. I'm guessing it might look like this?
  18. Favorite Military "sayings"

    My favorite Ranger was 'Wink' M. 2nd Ranger' who teamed up with me as a rookie on the FD ladder truck, Bobby I'm just a 'nothing ball guy'....Jesus what a human being.
  19. Warning to travelers

    I thought it odd after a recent IOS update my Al Jazeera app went dead and I was instructed to download the 'new' app. It's a wicked world.
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