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  1. What gun brands do you own the most of?

    Hands down, Ruger. In 5 different calibers to boot.
  2. Comm2A wins in MA state court against the FLRB

    Great job! Thank you.
  3. Happy New Year

  4. Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to all. God bless. 2020 - good riddance!
  5. Gun Club closure megathread

    Franklin County Sportmen's Club in Deerfield closed.
  6. Happy New Year 2020

  7. What gun is on your Christmas list?

    S&W M&P R8
  8. Pistol Rack Karma

  9. Merry Christmas 2019

  10. Massachusetts Permit to Store More Than 10,000 Rounds

    What is this ammo you speak of? I see no ammo hear.
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