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  2. Hilarious. Anti gun group sues biden administration re: ghost guns after praising ATF rules a few months ago

    This is funny as heck View:
  3. CNN creating a ‘guns in America’ group within their company to cover gun issues.

    The group will be headed by former FBI agent (he was with them for a few years as a media person more than anything) Josh Campbell, he’s a douche. Stephen Gutowski, of The Reload, he’s outstanding. Probably the best gun writer in the country. An anti gun Uber liberal from the trace and some...
  4. Ocean State Tactical vs Neronha (Rhode Island Fed court, Mag Limit case)

    This is the most recent filing. This case has direct impact on people in RI and will have a direct impact on Massachusetts when it gets to the 1st circuit court of appeals. Remember under NYSRPA vs bruen, SCOTUS said any gun law has to be similar to gun laws in 1791 or 1868. The oldest mag...
  5. 5th circuit court of appeals accepts appeal of bumpstock ban en banc

    The 3 judge panel on the 5th circuit upheld the district court ruling saying the bumpstock ban was legal. The 3 judge panel was 1 Clinton judge, 2 Obama The en banc panel will be all active judges in the 5th, so 12 GOP nominated and 5 democrat nominated. The 5th circuit is the most...
  6. Question about firearms. Person died with no will (that anyone can find at least)

    A friends FIL died recently. He wasn’t super close to my friends wife (his daughter) but she is the next of kin along with her adopted brother. He was in his 70s and apparently did not have a win or anything with respect to his property, bank accounts etc. he had a long term gf The rumor is...
  7. New York State Rifle & Pistol Assn v. Bruen Oral Arguments Nov 3rd, 10am

    arguments live at 10 am tomorrow November 3, 2021
  8. Somerville police officer sues Sig Sauer, says weapon fired on its own

    Somerville police officer sues New Hampshire gunmaker Sig Sauer, says weapon fired on its own SOMERVILLE, Mass. — A second Boston area police officer is suing gun manufacturer New Hampshire Sig Sauer, claiming his department-issued gun fired on its own, without a trigger pull, and the bullet...
  9. It felt like a meteor had struck the earth’: Reporter describes his experience firing an AR-15 at the range

    I’m not linking to the article and giving him the clicks he wants. The comments section on the article is disabled
  10. Guns and ammo are sales tax free in WV after new law goes into effect

    Starting July 1, all small firearms and ammunition bought in West Virginia will no longer contain a sales tax. “If you are going to buy that $2,000 riffle, it’s going to be $120 cheaper here in West Virginia than compared to our neighboring states,” said Delegate Gary Howell, (R) District 56...
  11. What is this rifle from the original Magnum PI

    Saw this a few weeks ago, curious to know what it is. Looks like a M1 carbine in ways. Thanks
  12. CNN/Obama town hall "Invitation only", no students, no public

    So obama wants to have a conversation on guns. He just wants in invitation only. Big surprise, huh? [shocked] NRA was invited, they told CNN to screw.
  13. NYT warns deadly proliferation ‘.50-caliber sniper rifles’ since expiration of AWB

  14. First time in 20 Yrs of NY times poll, majority oppose Assault Weapons Ban

    i can't copy the poll stats/image, they are at the link. We should thank all the lying anti's for their hysterical claims over the years. They lied so often, they have no credibilty. Patrick J. Egan @Patrick_J_Egan For first time in 20 yrs of @nytimes poll, a majority of...
  15. Rahm Fires Chicago Police Chief

    The CPD chief is a big gun control nut so I have little sympathy. But Rahm is a bigger POS and he should fall on the sword himself.
  16. DC police advocates taking out gunman in active shooter situation

    Maybe she's learning but I don't think so since she is issuing carry permits at a dead snails pace.
  17. Brazil looking to make their very restrictive gun laws more like US

    International progress!
  18. National reciprication conceal carry bill introduced in Senate.

    This has a chance to pass. The vote last time was 57-43 (60 needed to get by the filibuster). Some of those who voted yay last time udall, landrieu, pryor, etc are gone but the were replaced with definite yays. Some no's were replaced with definite yays tim johnson and rockefeller are gone...
  19. Any thoughts or suggestions for quick release rings?

    I'm putting a scope an my 10/22. Any comments or reviews on quick release rings? I would like to be able to take the scope off from time to time to shoot from the iron sights, also I'll probably get a few more 10/22's over the years and I don't want to spend money to scope each one. thanks.
  20. Strong Majority Say Gun Ownership Makes Homes Safer (63% now vs. 35% in Fall 2000)

    There was a thread here a few months ago on a Bloomberg ad being talked about on the view tv show. It was suppose to scare women and make them favor gun control, the view panel had the reverse feelings, they saw the need for a gun. The gun control groups are climbing a greased pole, the public...
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