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  1. Vietnam 50th Ceremony

    CCSU was sponsoring a 50th anniversary Vietnam War event in CT this weekend. As a proud Marine (Fox co 2nd Bn 5th Marines, 1998-2003) and son of a Vietnam Veteran, events like this are important to me. No war is easy, but those guys coming back home from Vietnam...
  2. Let's honor those worth it.

    Got the word this morning from Derek Davey, a Gold Star Father: SgtMaj Cottle USMC, KIA Afghanistan. Outstanding Marine. Rest in peace Brothers, you will not be forgotten. Semper Fi. The only time I met the...
  3. Maybe this will make you feel better about America

    That is nice to hear. I'm sure that the hard charger who received the upgrade really appreciated it. God bless these folks who actively recognize the sacrifices made by our Marine Corps. I remember coming back to CONUS after a deployment; I was having a meal with some of my Brothers @...
  4. Kriss .45 Carbine (Vector)

    Go green and you might be lucky enough to try another members Super V at one of our shoots before you decide to purchase. The KRISS is a real nice platform.
  5. Two scumbags busted today!

    [puke]!I need to go up to Holyoke and claim my Great-Grandfathers WWI marker before it gets snagged. WTF
  6. Man indicted in stolen valor case

    Marines in Europe during WWII?
  7. Wilmington MA

    What makes this show one of the best in the Northeast?
  8. Riverview Sales E. Windsor, CT

    Learn How to Properly Address Your Customers & You Might Sell Something After swearing this place off months ago I found myself there this morning; I was in the area so I dropped in. Had the guy in his 50's with the mustache and glasses not addressed me like I was some type of d-bag, maybe I...
  9. BAD, BAD Gun Owner!!!!

    Placard holders in MA seem to be allowed to "mask" the vital info on the placards. You can see that they have a placard hanging from the rear view, yet the photo is covered by a piece of paper held on with a paper clip. I see it 90% of the time whenever a vehicle is parked in a HP zone.
  10. Today's "pulled over while carrying" story...

    Interesting thought TheWookie. I was recently pulled over and didn't feel it was necessary to inform the Statie I was armed. If I had told him, would he have let me off . . . doubtful considering it was in the tunnels . . . idk? I ended up with a citation and a magistrate hearing...
  11. Gun Show Dec. 12-13 W Springfield

    They had 50 ct boxes of fiocchi 55 gr .223 for $22 and boxes of fiocchi 170gr .40 s&w for $15. Not a great deal but better than some stores.
  12. Gun Show Dec. 12-13 W Springfield

    I went this morning. Scored some NIB AR mags from 1986, a few Glock mags, Mosin sling, polypro bottoms, and a bunch of stripper clips. My friend got some type of green laser/led light combo for his PPK. There were some good deals out there; like any gun show you had to dig for them.
  13. Happy Flipping thanksgiving (Justified Rant)

    I wasn't clear enough in the OP, actually I can't even believe I posted this. The clown in question was making gestures, pointing, all sorts of crap . . . we let it go but then decided to approach him after last call. The dude was drunk, me and my folks had a few. I am thankful we didn't do...
  14. Happy Flipping thanksgiving (Justified Rant)

    Never post when drinking.
  15. 1903A3 Drill Rifle - Redo

    Nice. Is this a display piece or a shooter?
  16. Mossberg 590 cleaning question..

    Shouldn't that take care of it?
  17. C130's Over Palmer/Monson

    Thanks for clarifying.
  18. Interest in a Utah permit class in Rhode Island?

    What is the advantage to obtaining a permit in Utah for a Mass resident?
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