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  1. Discharge of a firearm in a Town with "No Discharge Ordinance" on State land WMA

    My Mass Town had a no discharge ordinance. I was hunting a state WMA with my bow today and heard a shotgun discharge. Walking out after legal hunting I ran into two guys with shotguns. They said the ordinance doesn't matter since we are on WMA state lands in Massachusetts. So I looked it up...
  2. Trail camera thread. Post ur trail camera photos.

    Took last week off. Only saw a fisher cat. Walk into work this morning and got notification of this running through. This and the 3 am coyote sighting.
  3. Lighted nocks Mass

    Thanks for giving me the chapter and Section. Interpret it as you will. I have purchased and will use my nockturnal nocks and take my chances.
  4. Lighted nocks Mass

    Section 68. A person shall not hunt any bird or mammal except raccoon or opossum by the aid or use of any artificial light, or hunt any bird with a swivel or pivot gun. Any weapon or equipment used in such hunting by any person convicted of a violation of this section shall be confiscated and...
  5. Lighted nocks Mass

    This was the argument to the instructor. His response was if you get the wrong LEO on the wrong day it will cost you time and money.
  6. Lighted nocks Mass

    In my hunter’s safety course 3 years ago this was debated. The law as posted is vague. The instructor was adamant the use of a lighted nock in Massachusetts was illegal. My buddy was at Big Al’s recently and they told him it is legal to hunt with. I ran into a guy at my club yesterday who was...
  7. Youth Day

    Turns out he only needed 1! Thanks again Andrew.
  8. Youth Day

    Youth day 2022! Morning started out with one jumping in front of my truck in Boxford. That will cost $1k for the deductible but I wanted to go with a metal bumper anyway. In our stand well before legal shoot. Saw a fisher cat and 3 deer before this button buck. Amazing first hunt for my boy...
  9. 20g sabot slugs

    Thanks for the info. I put an order in with Midsouth as well. Thanks for all of the responses.
  10. 20g sabot slugs

    I called a few yesterday. They said good luck pal it’s hunting season. Lol
  11. 20g sabot slugs

    North Reading
  12. 20g sabot slugs

    In desperate need of 20g sabot slugs. Trying to get my 13 year old out for youth day. My 12 g is too much for him so I borrowed a 20g.
  13. Alabama and Georgia now constitutional carry states!
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