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  1. Canik tp9sf Elite sight upgrade

    I recently had the pleasure purchasing a Canik tp9sf Elite. What a great shooting gun! Nice finish, phenomenal trigger, but the Warren Tactical Sights that come with it absolutely suck. They're awful. I can buy replacement sights from Canik directly for 125 but wondering what other options there...
  2. WTS Mathews Mission hype bow $400

  3. The ultimate turkey predator

    I've seen some interesting things in the woods, but so far this takes the cake. View: View:
  4. NRA Home Firearm Safety course- North Dighton

    I am teaching another NRA Home Firearm Safety course at the end of August. Cost is $60 per person This 4 hour course is for people with little to no firearms experience. Women and teens are encouraged to attend. The setting is relaxed, there will be lots of hands-on teaching, and after passing...
  5. WTT Alice and Olivia women's cruiser bicycle

  6. Has anyone taken the CBP Officer exam?

    I'm taking my Customs and Border Patrol officer exam on Friday. Wondering if anybody else on here head over taking it period any pointers? Mistakes to avoid? Any input is appreciated Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  7. Commonwealth Firearms won't be open for business...

    Uh oh... Looks like, Commonwealth firearms went down in flames today. Literally. Hopefully all of the First Responders are safe, there's probably lots and lots of ammo going off. I hate to see a local shop suffer this sort of a tragedy, hopefully insurance will cover their losses. Sent from my...
  8. AG Civil Rights Lawsuit

    Thanks to Comm2a, GOAL, and the NRA for taking on Fuhner Healey in Federal court. May the 2nd amendment be preserved! This is a direct challenge to the assault weapons ban.
  9. Ruger american compact

    So apparently some shops in Massachusetts have begun stocking the Ruger American compact model in 9 millimeter. This is a gun I've been interested in for some time but didn't expect it to be available in Massachusetts anytime soon. Is anyone actually lay their hands on one and are able to give...
  10. VP9 or Canik TP9SA or P320

    I cant decide. I'm about to purchase a new striker-fired 9 millimeter. I can't decide between the vp9, Canik, or P320. I was trying to decide between the vp9 and the P320 but the Canik just seems like a really great gun for the price. Any advice or suggestions from actual owners? I would...
  11. Preban or postban? Help please

    I recently purchased an assortment of AR magazines from an FFL and was assured that they were all verified pre ban. Many of them don't have any date stamps or markings of any kind. Can anyone definitively say whether these are pre ban or not? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  12. Sexy Hi-Point

    Yeah I said it... but check the link first.... I know hi-point has a lot of haters, and for good reason. But, they DO make a great pistol caliber carbine. The biggest problem is they are uglier than Madonna with the lights on. But with...
  13. BOB firearm

    I'm looking for recommendations for a .22LR bug out bag gun. Something lightweight, inexpensive and reliable. I was thinking of a used Ruger Mark III, an inexpensive .22LR rifle, or perhaps a small pocket pistol. Any recommendations?
  14. Ar drop-in trigger suggestions

    I recently completed an AR build. The trigger is a stock Anderson that came with the parts kit. It sucks. I would really like to upgrade to a nice drop-in trigger. I am looking for suggestions. Under $150 if possible. TIA
  15. 300 AAC upper

    I'm in the early stages of an AR build. I picked and ordered my lower but I am not sure what to get for an upper. I know I want a 300 AAC Blackout, gas-piston, 16 inch barrel, 1 in 7 twist. I am very green to the AR platform so I really don't know what is the best bang for my buck. I know I...
  16. Para Ordnance Tac4 Light Double Action

    I'm probably going to buy a Para Tac4 1911 LDA from a coworker. It's stainless steel, 2 years old, looks great, and I like the double action trigger. Has anyone had experience with it?
  17. Glock mfg date??

    How do I tell the manufacture date of my a glock? I'm trying to buy 2 from out of state and ship them to my local dealer but I need to know the mfg date ahead of time. Glock corporate is closed. Suggestions???
  18. Who are American gun owners?

    I found this on the Facebooks today. It's pretty good! A photographer made a book about the different gun owners that he met across the country. Each family has their own reason for owning guns and it is clear that there is no stereotypical gun owner...
  19. I wrote a letter to the Boston globe

    The Boston Globe will be publishing the letter that I wrote to them. I thought I'd give you guys a sneak peak... Comments appreciated. To the man I sat next to on my way in to Boston: When I boarded the commuter rail, you were already in the midst of a spirited phone conversation and didn’t...
  20. Show your custom M&P Shields

    Anyone else have a shield? I love mine and I'm considering customizing it and am looking to see what others have done. Feel free to show off your custom shields and share what mods didn't work well and which ones did. I would love to see what people have done with theirs and maybe get some good...
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