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  1. Semi Auto Shotgun Question...

    There is no single correct answer to your question.
  2. RustBlue Gunsmith Natick- 👎

    I’ve seen a lot of his work, some masterful, and some horrifying.
  3. Holster Recommendation for Glock 19

    For IWB theres nothing better than Milt Sparks
  4. Canturbury Trap voice release box repair/refurb?

    Canterbury is imported and parts and service are sparse. There is a domestically made version and all parts are interchangeable, the company will also repair Canterbury. I’ve installed a BRB trap field set up at our club and it’s flawless. They also make a really slick set up for wireless skeet...
  5. CPAP and 2022 Shortages

    I guess I’d be cleaning and demineralizing the tank from the use of water that contains minerals, or I’d be trading you guys 9mm for distilled water. Either way I’m prepared. 😝
  6. CPAP and 2022 Shortages

    I just grab the distilled where ever I find it, but honestly for the price of a new water tank you could just use tap water and replace the tank 2 or 3 times a year.
  7. Tinnitus

    Mine will ramp up considerably when I’m run down or stressed. It started keeping me up at night a few years ago so I now sleep with Bose sleep buds which has been a game changer for me.
  8. WTB Benelli M3

    Looking for a Benelli M3 Message me if you’ve got one to sell. All laws followed.
  9. need a workbench...

    2x4 frames, double up the legs, 1/2” plywood tops everything glued and screwed, then I add a layer of masonite which serves as a hard smooth and replaceable work surface. I always build them exactly 2 feet deep and either 6 or 8 feet long. My 6’ “Gunsmithing” bench is also topped with 2’x2’...
  10. What's the most you've spent on a single firearm?

    Just sayin, the choices don't go high enough. K guns you know ............
  11. Cape Cod MA, where is public trap and skeet
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