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  1. NIB MEC Jr 16 gauge

    I have a brand new, unopened, MEC Jr 16 gauge press. I bought it before I bought my next love a 20 gauge Weatherby O/U (not made in 16 unfortunately). Looking for $215 and I'll throw in 2 bags of 1 oz wads to get you started. Grog
  2. 7mm X 57mm R ammo

    I've got 2,000 rounds PPU 7 x 57R still in original shipping packaging with invoices. Paid $1600.00. I know I'll take a hit, any interest?? Let me know. Grog
  3. Looking for a Skeet gun

    O/U or SxS as long as it's choked right, either skeet 1 or skeet 2 a mix there of. Willing to travel to get a good one. Not a stickler on brand. PM me if you have or have a line on one. Thanks Grog
  4. Anyone need 7x57 R ammo?? I have 4k rounds to unload.

    Yes, they are rimmed. Are you interested? Grog
  5. 7 X 57mm R For sale

    I have 2,000 rounds of 7x57R that I paid $1,700 for in 2020, I'll part with it for $1,000 or BO. Let me know if there is any interest out there. Grog
  6. Large Pistol Primers

    I have 5,000 large pistol primers, Fort Smith brand. $600 makes them yours. PM me if interested. Grog
  7. Anyone need 7x57 R ammo?? I have 4k rounds to unload.

    This cartridge is still in use in Europe, wish I could ship it there and unload it!! Grog
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