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    I live in RI. What risks am I subject to if I bring a couple of guns across the border to a Mass gunsmith ???? Inquiring minds want to know !! Before I get locked up ! :rolleyes:
  2. HELP ! WHAT DO I DO !!

    With the cost of everything "reloading" having gone up a lot, I went through a bunch of old stuff that was hidden away. Found a box of 45 cal. 200 gr SWC cast lead bullets I got from Carroll Bullet, Inc. back around 2004 !!! Loaded up 25 and they shot good enough to convince me to load another...
  3. Homemade Case Lube

    What's the ratio of lanolin to 90% alcohol ? My last bottle of Dillon is just about out.
  4. Hooray for Magpul !

    Just read that Magpul is actually moving out of Colorado !! Operations going to Wyoming and headquarters to Texas. F**k Colorado !!
  5. 5.56 Case Gauge Problem ?

    Occasionally I will get a Lake City 5.56 case, after full length sizing & trimming, where the head will not go all the way into the gauge. Left pic shows it sticking up and right pic shows "normal". All of the brass has been trimmed to 1.749 - 1.750. Is it a minor shoulder problem...
  6. .357 Mag Rifle Loads

    I'm picking up a Rossi Mdl 92 SRC with a 20 inch barrel next week. I will only be using it for metal plates and paper at the club. I have 125 and 158 gr Berry's flat point bullets and Win 231 to work with. Don't have to knock down a whitetail but I would like to see the plates tumble [grin]
  7. 32 S&W

    Does anyone in the listening area reload 32 S&W (.600)? Not 38 but 32.
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