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  1. My old 870 got a facelift.

    This Remington Wingmaster 870 was bought for my Dad as a present from his parents when he graduated HS. Its a 1953 year model. In pretty good shape for a 62 year old. Last time it was fired would be @1980. Sat in the back of a closet since then. Passed onto me eventually after he and my mother...
  2. Is it legal to photocopy licenses?

    Hi all. Like the title asks, is it legal to photocopy my CCW License and to keep copies with my firearms or in a wallet to keep the original in a safe place? I appreciate it any input.
  3. My Current S&W Addict.....Acquisitions.

    Just a few non glam photo's of my current S&W's. The Governor. M&P 15-22 Camo M&P Performance Center Shield 9mm. My CCW.
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