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  1. NRA MQP Marksman Rockers - anyone?

    I'm taking a shot in the dark here. The NRA program materials site is pathetic and can't keep anything in stock. I have an award presentation at the club for our Youth Marksmanship Program next Wednesday and am short of the red and white Marksman rockers and the Rimfire (or Smallbore, I'm not...
  2. WTS SOLD- FITCAM Dash cam for Toyota Rav4 (2019-2022) with rear cam BNIB

    This dash cam is designed to look like it's OEM, it's a clean design. I screwed up and bought the Model A version (for Rav4 2019-2022 mirror covers without vent holes), should have got the Model B. I just opened the box this morning, this is brand new and includes all tools, paperwork, etc. Has...
  3. Stoughton Fish & Game vandalism?

    Something happen at Stoughton? Does anyone have details?
  4. Gilbert Gottfried will not be down...
  5. NRA cannot be dissolved by New York attorney general, judge rules

    The NY AG can't close the NRA, but the lawsuit continues...
  6. Breaking: ATF has sized some of Larry Vickers' collection pdf here, pages 3 through 11. Early rumor is that it's part of a civil asset forfeiture action.
  7. The Atlantic: Why Can’t Democrats Pass Gun Control?

    Piece written by Stepehn Gutowski, founder of The Reload.
  8. Does anyone in Metro West have any NRA 50-foot Light Rifle targets I can have today?

    Youth program at the club got caught short. We have a shipment incoming but it's delayed and our youth shoot is tonight. Willing to fork over cash for them if I can pick them up along the 495 corridor (Stow to Taunton) this afternoon. It's the 50-foot light rifle, 5+1 target, like this...
  9. 9mm compact SA/DA

    Not sub-compact, I need a full grip. My Shield is a touch too small for me and the P229 is a touch too big. Heart set on SA/DA, accessory rail. P30? PX4? XDE? Etc.?
  10. Walker's Digital Razor earmuffs kinda stink

    I recently picked up a pair of Walker's Razor Digital earmuffs from the BP and I have to say I am pretty displeased with them. First off, the left ear is noticeably louder and more clear than the right ear... and yes, it moves to the other side when I flip them around backward, so save your...
  11. WTB a few old cast-off .45 1911 mags.

    For classes. I don't particularly care who makes them or what shape they're in as long as they hold snap caps. They won't be used in live fire. I need like 4ish of them for classes and don't wanna pay new retail. Pull them ancient mags out of the bottom of your range bag or out from behind...
  12. Compact Beretta 92 or PX4 Storm Compact

    Me and everyone else, right? If you have one of either of these taking up space in the back of your safe let me know. Cash FTF preferred, but whatever. Ready to purchase now, all laws, etc.
  13. [WTB] Beretta PX4 Storm Compact

    9mm, no external safety, with decocker. Type G, I think
  14. Election silver linings thread?

    Without a miracle it's looking like the Harris/Biden is going to end up in the White House, but maybe things down-ballot could be worse. Looks like Republicans are going to retain the Senate, so hopefully the more bat$hit crazy of Harris/Biden's agenda will have a tough time seeing the light...
  15. The GOAL Podcast is up and running again

    3 new episodes with new hosts and a new format. should be available on all platforms...
  16. Millbury PD refusing to process LTC's due to coronavirus

  17. NBC News attempts an actual honest school shooting tracker?

    Interesting that they use real data, instead of just parroting Everytown's "one school shooting per day" or whatever BS like most other "news" sources. I can't help but wonder if this is going to get nerfed or taken down for not feeding the MSM narrative, but it's there for now. Five -actual-...
  18. Tom King (NYSRPA) responds to 80% lower comment criticism

    Background for anyone not following this: Last week Tom King, NRA board member and president of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association (NYSRPA) came under fire for comments he allegedly made to Newsday (a NYC rag) in which he was said to support a ban on 80% lowers. The Truth About...
  19. Andrew Yang breaks down crying over gun violence

    Either a) these are the biggest crocodile tears ever and he's unfit for office, or b) he's emotionally unstable and unfit for office. Change my mind. View...
  20. Anti-2A Iowa state senator on being called a tyrant: you better "start being nice to me"

    If this was a pro-gun person the FBI would be knocking on their door by now
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